Betfair Casino Review

Betfair Casino

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Betfair Casino

Betfair Casino, which is a section of the company Betfair which includes horse race betting and football, is a growing online casino that promotes its mentioned slogan and simplicity in its games.


  • Outstanding selection of casino titles
  • Various gaming devleopers
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Mobile gaming fun


  • High wagering requirments
  • Many country restrictions

Overall Rating

Live Casino Dealers

Online Slots Variety

Payout Speed and Ease

Casino Table Games

Rapid Response Customer Service

Betfair Casino Info

  • Casino: Betfair Casino
  • Website:
  • Established: 2000
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Support: Phone, Live Chat
  • Minimum Deposit: €$10
  • Deposit Bonus: $100
  • Deposit Options: ACH, Pay Near Me, Online Transfer, Wire Transfer, Credit/Debit Cards
  • Withdrawal Methods: Check, ACH
  • License : MGA License

Betfair Casino Review

Betfair Casino Review

Betfair Casino App

Have you ever seen those TV bonuses? Where they make claims like “you’ll get your free (insert prize here) if you call us” or “you’ll have a bonus if you sign up”? While some bonuses don’t always come true, there is an online casino that has made a TV bonus for those who sign up called Betfair Casino. Betfair Casino is an online casino that promotes its slogan: “Claim £30 Free Casino Bonus as seen on TV”.

It may not have the superb design of other online casinos but it makes up for it in the quality of its games and its services. It has a dedicated betting community hailed as the “world’s biggest betting community”. They say you can’t judge a book by its cover and as it stands, Betfair has a solid, no-frills and laid back design.

New Player Bonuses

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Betfair Casino Bonuses

Betfair Casino offers bonuses for all their games. Whether you play the poker or the slots, you’ll get various bonuses the more you play. You may get £200 for one game you may get £450 for another game; whatever game you play, rest assured you’ll get a bonus for the games you play.

One unique feature of Betfair Casinos is their Points system. Spread into various “points”, the Points system are based on the wagers you bet on with every game that when you have gathered enough points, you can convert them into cash. This makes it a win-win for any player; you not only win more winnings but with the points you stack up, you triple your winnings further. This gives you more incentive to keep playing for more points.

Betfair Casino commits to their customer. They are committed to keeping their customers’ data safe and secure, their website stable to keep the games flowing and their integrity and honesty with the developments of their services. And to keep their website secure, they update it regularly and fix anything that may hamper the player’s experience.

Despite the simplistic design, you’re going to be blown away by their games. Classics aside, they truly shine in the new games that come in every now and then. Fans of Marvel comics such as Hulk and Iron Man should be wobbling with joy when they find out there are slot games themed after the recent movie versions! You’re also in for a treat as there is also a slot machine themed after the Pink Panther. They also have popular variations of classics like the Roulette with the European Roulette and 3D Roulette. And if you’re up for the competition, you can join Live Tables, whether on download or instant play, to keep things competitive. It is truly entertaining when you’ve got classics and fun-themed games to keep you occupied.

Games and Graphics

Blackjack and Baccarat at Betfair

And it’s not just slot games, blackjack or baccarat that they have, they also have two game categories not seen anywhere else: arcades and scratch cards. Although they’re usually played physically, Betfair Casino has made it possible to play them in digital form. So if you’re the type that has no interest in playing the usual casino fare, you’ve got your favorite arcade and scratch games to keep yourself occupied. If you’re the player into darts and bowling or if you’re the player who’s always scratching cards, you’re in for a chance to win even if it’s not casino games.

Like other online casinos, you can download or instant play the casino. It’s easy to access both options and it’ll get you to play right away.

Betfair Casino has a live chat always on 24/7 and they have a well-organized FAQ system to answer all your common questions. Not to worry about your payment; they use only the best payment options to ensure you get your cash fast and ready.

Betfair Casino Apps

They say, as a cliché goes, less is more. Looking at Betfair Casino, it’s safe to say it has less in design but more in quality. It may have lesser games but they add more and more every now and then and they include two game categories that were never considered usual casino fare. You’ve got a dedicated betting community that not many casinos can usually claim they have and the bonuses are truly attractive especially when it’s for every game. So if you’re looking for that casino that has a no-frills, laid back design, makes its promise of the bonuses seen on TV and are always looking for the game that shines in the simplicity, then go for Betfair Casino, the casino that offers £30 Casino Bonus as seen on TV.

Mobile Experience

Befair is a leading name in the gambling industry. It is also a leading name in mobile gaming as it has been named the Best Mobile Operator for 2010 by eGaming Review. This mobile app allows millions of Betfair fans to enjoy the sports wagering services of the operator at any given time whenever they are by simply using their mobile devices. This app is available for existing players who have a Betfair account and new players alike.

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Having a Betfair mobile account will enable players to place wagers on various sporting events. They will be able to take advantage of great odds and in play wagering through a user friendly platform of high quality.

Betfair Mobile is compatible with different devices that support java with 144 kb Jar download size or higher. It is compatible with Orange, Nokia, Palm, Ericsson, T-Mobile and Blackberry among other devices. Betfair mobile is available in 5 different languages. These languages are German, Italian, Greek, Italian and Spanish.

Get Your Betfair Mobile £200 Bonus

Since the security of players is always Betfair’s top priority, the casino uses a NSA-developed technology and security keys (1024- bit). Betfair Mobile also got approved by Gambling Therapy and GamCare, these organization encourage the treatment and prevention of gambling problems.

Players can have access to the same markets that is available on the online branch of Betfair. This means that they will be able to place wagers on a great variety of sporting matches and in-play bets on live games.