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Jackpot City SlotsJackpot City

Jackpot City casino app is compatible with both, iPhones and Android devices. This app offers both play for fun roulette apps and casino games as well as play for real money casino games.

Membership is free.  New Members receive up to $€ 1600 in matching bonuses.

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RouletteBetter AppRouletteBetter

Many people think roulette is simply a game of luck; pick a number and pray. In truth, all casino games are about playing the odds of any situation. RouletteBetter is an app on the iTunes app store that is designed to help you learn to get the best of the odds in every situation. If you are simply looking for a roulette app for some free time fun, this is not the app for you. RouletteBetter is for serious gamblers who are looking for some extra practice with the odds at the table.

Game Description

RouletteBetter is developed by Davide Di Stefano. RouletteBetter is his only product.

The app has many features designed to help you get better at playing the odds. Currently the app has two key strategies: the Gland Martingale System and the D’Alembert Strategy. The strategies can also be set to four risk levels from standard to risky. The current version allows users to place multiple bets on every round of play. It also allows for editable data sets, and custom made strategies. The stakes and payoff of the wagering can also be changed by the user. RouletteBetter will give you suggestions on each bet to make, but this feature can be turned off.

RouletteBetter allows users to track their budget in game to better simulate a real table. Users have access to detailed statistics about every round and a full history of every result. The app will automatically order bets from best to worst results. RouletteBetter automatically saves when it is closed, so you will never lose your progress.

Game play in RouletteBetter is very simple. The game shows a graphic of the betting table, but has no animations for the ball spinning. The table screen also features the player’s current money. The second screen of the app is the statistics page. It allows users to track all the odds of events in their history. They can also see the odds of individual results on each round of play. The strategies screen allows the user to set which strategy they want to use, adjust the aggressiveness of the strategy, and create their own strategy.

RouletteBetter costs $20, but there are no in game purchases or paid advantages. The developer is continuing with bug fixes, but no new features have been added in recent versions.

RouletteMoneyMakerRoulette Money Maker

Roulette Money Maker is an online mobile casino game exclusively for the Apple iStore. This game replicates the fun and excitement of a roulette table on your iPhone or iPad so you can play wherever and whenever you like. Roulette Money Maker has many of the fun features you would expect from a mobile casino game with a couple fun things to spice the game up. In the following review we will go over some of the features of the game, who developed it and we will also walk you through the game play so you see if this is the right mobile roulette app for you.

Game Description

Roulette Money Maker is an Apple Store exclusive game created by the minds over at App4Play which is a prolific developer of mobile games for both Apple products and the internet as a whole. They have a great deal of experience in the mobile sphere and have released many similar games. The game functions like your favorite roulette table but made smaller. The app has a built in feature that makes sure every spin is completely random. Every time you place a bet the roulette wheel will be just as accurate as at the casino. If you are practicing for a big casino outing or just need to get your roulette fix this is a fantastic option. The game comes with full HD graphics which means it is visually stunning and will look good on your iPhone or iPad.

App Features

Like many other games in the App4Play stable this is a free to play game. You simply log on to the Apple Store and download the game for free. It does have some freemium features. These are paid features within a free game. Every day you are awarded a certain amount of free chips to bet with. Once you run out of chips you can get new chips in two different ways. Either you purchase them in the store that comes with the game or you refer people you know to play the game. Sending invites and having them accepted both net you additional chips. In addition to this you will receive a certain amount of chips every single day for simply logging on. One nice side effect of the freemium model is the fact that there is no advertising present in the game. For an immersive and entertaining roulette experience check out Roulette Money Maker.

Roulette EmperorRoulette Emperor Gaming App

The Roulette Emperor Game App is a gaming option that is available for both users of the iPhone and the iPad. Unlike some other gaming options, this app does not try to “reinvent the wheel” with an out-of-the-box well designed gaming app with a theme. Instead, it simply takes an old favorite in the roulette wheel and gives casino enthusiasts the option of playing it as an app on their iPhone or iPad.

Game Description

For those who enjoy gaming as a pastime, this app will present an
affordable option at only $1.29 for the download price. Since the game offers only “stimulated gambling”, one advantage to this option would be that there are no paid advertising options and no solicitations for in-game purchases either. The game features an attractive design that will make many of the players feel reminiscent of all of their greatest times in the casino.

Although no iPad or iPhone gaming app can fully duplicate the experience of being there in the casino, the attractive vignette of a golden roulette wheel intermeshed with the rows of slots machine in the casino strives to do just that. The game offers several attractive screens with some great and artistic graphics as well. One of these would include an old-fashioned picture of a white knight or dark knight on horseback. Finally, the game features three different categories all embossed in gold to give that great “casino feel”. These categories would include designations for the “winning amount”, “total bet” and the “balance amount” as well.

More Game Detail

This game has recently been optimized for the iPhone 5 and is also compatible with the iPad and the iPod touch. The game also has attractive graphics that most people will enjoy. One major improvement that was recently added gives people the ability to utilize an in-app purchase of a “silver pack” for 99 cents. The game is sold in iTunes and is available for casino enthusiasts to enjoy.

Roulettist AppRoulettist

The Roulettist app for iPhone brings the exciting and popular game of roulette to the palm of your hand, providing a realistic virtual gambling experience for anytime and anywhere. The developer of Roulettist, KamaGames, is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland with operations in markets all over the globe, including the United States, Europe, and the United Arab Emirates. The company boasts impressive stats about their roster of games, including over 80 million users globally and 1 million active players per day. KamaGames also has the #1 top grossing games throughout the AppStore in 89 different nations.

Game Description

Gameplay is simple: just start placing bets to win with Vegas-style odds. If the user has never played roulette before, it is easy to get the hang of this game and they can start placing bets within seconds of downloading the app. One of the best features of Roulettist is the social chat feature.

During the game, users can communicate with the other real people at the table, making the experience more personal and engaging. There is also the option to upload a profile picture so everyone can see who their playing with.
The app also offers a choice between American, European, and French roulette styles so players will never get bored of this app. Roulettist is available in 30 different languages including English, Spanish, French, and many others. The app is 100% free to play and offers various affordable in-app purchases for lottery tickets and chips. 100,000 chips cost $0.99!

Players have the option to integrate their account with Pokerist Texas Poker, another app by KamaGames. With beautiful 3D graphics and full color, the visual experience of Roulettist makes you feel like you’re at the casino without leaving home. This app is rated 12+ due to the simulated gambling theme that is central to the game.

The latest update to the app was on April 6th of 2015 and included enhanced gameplay to make the experience more exciting. KamaGames updates Roulettist multiple times per year with the latest features and bug fixes and players can share their opinions about the game on the Facebook page for Roulettist.

Roulette Calculator Lite EURoulette Calculator Lite EU

Going to Vegas or participating in an online casino can be an extremely exciting event, but at times it can be confusing. Keeping up with your potential payouts can be the largest source of confusion. For years, Roulette players in particular would have to depend on the dealer to ensure that their bets were properly calculated. This forced the player to always be on their toes, and it also helped take the player out of the action.

Game Description

Players would be caught up in the excitement of playing Roulette, and then they would be pulled out as the calculated their potential winnings. As we entered the age of the smartphone many companies sought to help solve these problems with the creation of various apps that would help players calculate their potential winnings easily. One of the best apps that has been calculated for this purpose is the app Roulette Calculator Lite EU from Matthew Bechelli. This high quality app is perfect for those that are hoping to play at the Roulette table.

Roulette Calculator Lite features several important features that will keep players engaged. The app features an extremely easy to understand interface. Players will be able to easily navigate through the calculator. The application is also extremely easy to use.

To utilize the calculating part of the application you simply need to pick the type of bet you are hoping to place, as well as the amount you are considering betting. The calculator will then quickly tell you just how much your total payout would be.

Place this app on your phone and the app will quickly calculate your payout for you.
Overall the Roulette Calculator is an extremely convenient and easy to use application. Players will definitely want to add this app to their phone before they hit the casino. The app has been extremely well reviewed, and it is constantly being updated to keep up with any rule changes and to keep up with any potential compatibility issues with iOS. This high quality app is sure to keep users engaged when they go to casino, and is completely free.

Roulette MonopolyRoulette Monopoly Casino Chips

Roulette Monopoly Casino Chips is a new free to play hd casino game from the istore. This game runs on iPhones or iPads and simulates all of the fun you can have spinning the little wheel of a roulette table at a casino but you can play whenever and wherever you like without any hassle. This is a free to play game but does offer some freemium features. In the following article we will go over some of the features of Roulette Monopoly Casino Chips, who developed it and we will also delve into the game play to give you a better understanding of this fun HD casino game simulation.

Game Description

This game is basically a digital version of your favorite roulette table at the casino. The game was developed and copyrighted by Vinman Games Pvt Ltd which has developed a number of other popular casino and other games for the Apple Store and other platforms. The game’s theme is based on classic casino cool. Lots of green felt, money signs, chips and all the spinning numbers one could want. The game performs like many other roulette games with a full randomizer that makes sure every spin is just as random as if you were playing at the casino.

App Features

To play the game you simply repeat what you would do at a normal casino. You use your in game chips to place a bet on either red or black or a specific number which ranges from 00 to 100. After placing your bet you either win or lose depending on where the ball randomly lands. Some bets will pay higher than others depending on where you place the bet. For example choosing the number 30 correctly will payout higher than simply choosing a color.

The game is 100% free to play with no in game advertising. There is a limited amount of chips you are given for free each day but no limit to the amount you can win and play with. If you find yourself in a situation where you are running out of chips you have a couple options for getting more. You can pay for more chips to be added to your bankroll or you can invite some of your friends or family members to join the game which will also increase your bankroll. If you are looking for a fun mobile casino roulette game Roulette Monopoly Casino Chips is the game for you.

Roulettist HDRoulettist HD

Roulette is one of the most exciting casino games of all time. Casino goers love to gather around the Roulette table and watch the action break down. There are many exciting apps that aim to capture the enjoyment of Roulette, and one of the latest apps to do just that is Roulettist HD. This high quality app is extremely well designed and it also includes many wonderful special features that players are sure to love.

Game Description

Roulettist HD is a roulette app from KamaGames, and can be bought for free on the iTunes app store. This game features wonderful graphics. These graphics are 3-dimensional and make the roulette game extremely enjoyable. Players can place bets with their virtual currency and they can sit at a table with other players. By utilizing online capabilities, Roulettist HD is designed to allow players to interact with one another and have a great time. The game features amazing graphics, and enjoyable game play. Players are sure to enjoy playing the Roulettist HD.

While there are many exciting Roulette apps on the market today, Roulettist HD has several features that allow the players to have a much more enjoyable roulette experience. One of the best features that Roulettist HD includes are the extremely high quality graphics. The graphics in this game are meant to draw the viewer in, and they certain make the game a lot more enjoyable.

During the game players will be able to watch a beautiful 3-dimensional roulette wheel spin, determining their destiny. The game also features several social features that really improve the way the game is played. Players are allowed to play against their friends, and build connections with other players. The game also allows players to play completely for free. There are no in game purchases to make, and players can enjoy the game right out of the box.

Overall, Roulettist is an excellent game for people that miss the excitement of the casino. The game allows you to interact with other players socially, and it features some of the best graphics in the business. You are sure to love playing this game.

Roulette City BlitzRoulette City Blitz: Win the Bonus in Las Vegas Casino

For someone looking for the best game app to play roulette, this is the app choice. It promises realistic Las Vegas odds and a wonderful opportunity to enjoy roulette. This happens without the need to spend any money. Kriscia Lauren Company developed and released this free miscellaneous game on March 13, 2015. It enjoys 12 plus rating as an intense, frequent and simulated gambling game.

Game Description

App Features

The current version is 1.2. It occupies 73.1 Mb on requisite machines. It comes in the language English only. It is compatible with iOS 7.0 or anything that comes later. The app has compatibility with iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and enjoys optimization with iPhone 5. Once a player loads into the app, they immediately get into the real world of Las Vegas styling of gaming tables. The player can make maximum betting while here.

A player enjoys wonderful leader boards within an excellent casino environment. The controls allow superior, simple and easy navigation throughout the gaming environment. This app is entirely free. A wonderful feature of the app is that it does not force advertisements on the players while they are engaged in the game.

More Game Details

This app presents players with real opportunities to brush up their Las Vegas gambling skills. The game provides players with wide realistic experience in gambling. This is especially important for any person with time to kill on queues, doctor waiting rooms or while waiting for flights. All one has to do is grab themselves a seat at a table, place their bet and spin way.

Any player will love playing this game of roulette. The game is the most exquisite roulette game available on App Store. A player gets thrilling effects where sound is concerned. It has graphic presentations that are simply amazing. All these come together to create a realistic world of the Vegas gambling casino.

A number of enchanted and enthralled players have gone online to attest to their wonder. They express what a blast they are having. They speak of the long periods of fun they enjoy. They attest to easy to operate controls and super smooth features. Others speak of how easily and fast it loads and opens up. They speak of how realistic it is and express their joy with the game that borders on addiction.

The professional version of the game, the Pro, comes with a price tag of $2.99. It has a number of exquisite features not found on the free version. With this version, the player enjoys flawless game continuation without advertisements enforcement on them. The next version that the developers is working on promises experiences that are even more overwhelming.

Should you wish to join the band of people enjoying this wonderful gambling experience, get into iTunes and download your free game. The Las Vegas world of roulette gambling would be entirely at your disposal right in your home.

Roulette Deluxe EditionRoulette Deluxe Edition

Roulette Deluxe Edition is a free to play Apple Store game released by Lucky Dollar Apps in the first part of 2014. This roulette simulator was designed to bring you the full casino roulette experience in the palm of your hand via iPhone or iPad. This game has a couple different features that set it away from the pack of other roulette casino games. We are going to go over a couple of things relating to Roulette Deluxe Edition. We shall do a quick Application summary as well as shine a little bit of light on some of the details relating to Roulette Deluxe Edition.

Game Description

Roulette Deluxe Edition Summary

This game was developed by Lucky Dollar Apps. This company has a long and storied history in the mobile gaming space and a particularly well respected history in the mobile casino gaming industry. The game is thematically developed to be as similar to the casino experience as one can get. Here is a quick breakdown of how the game works. After downloading the video game and logging on you choose a bet amount.

This bet amount is taken from your chip stack and it determines not only how much you win but how many bonus points you get per spin. You are required to choose both a single number and a single color. Where the ball lands determines how much money you make. After a certain period of time you will either be up or down.

Roulette Deluxe Edition App Details

Roulette Deluxe Edition is a completely, totally, 100% free to play game. This means all you have to do in order to get started is login to your Apple Store capable mobile phone or tablet device and you are all set. Once you have logged into the app there are some limitations to free use. Luckily since these freemium features exist there is no obtrusive advertising or data collection that goes on. The freemium comes into play when you run out of chips.

Once in every certain period the app will load a certain amount of chips into your bank. If you run out of these chips or have the urgent desire to increase your bets you have 2 serious options. Either you convince someone in your close circle to join the game. If they do that you will be credited for extra chips. If this does not work you can also add money to your account by using real world cash to buy chips.

Roulette Slots Match ThreeProGamblingGamesRoulette Slots Match Three Pro Gambling Games

Roulette Slots Match Three Pro Gambling Games is a perfect unique app that includes the popular Las Vegas Casino games ,slots and roulette, found in the Las Vegas Casinos. These slots and roulette games promise countless hours of continuous Las Vegas Casino fun! Winning big is so easy in playing all three games the slots machine game, the roulette game, or the match three game. This game is an outstanding mix of both slots, roulette, and match three games. This game is definitely loved by all of the consumers that play this game.

Game Description

Anyone who loves playing the slots machines and spinning the roulette wheels will love this Las Vegas themed mix of popular casino games. Doron David is the proud developer of Roulette Slots Match Three Pro Gambling Games. Doron David developed some of the best and most addicting games available for download including the games World’s Hardest Fames, Brain Games, Match the Animals, Roll the Ball and Jump, and Lady Stickers.

Roulette Slots Machine Three Pro Gambling Games is a unique combination of slot machines and roulette wheel games. This game is addictive and comes complete with a complete twist that no one will ever expect. There is a third game that can promise big wins. If one dares to try their luck at the casino Match Three can potentially win big! Anyone has what it takes to win big riches in the Las Vegas casino themed game.

This game features a one of a kind platform that makes the multiplayer mode easily accessible. Play with friends or random people from all over the world. Also, the soundtrack is outstanding; and really brings the Las Vegas casino to the mobile device. The graphics on this game is amazing, and really depicts the Las Vegas Casino. Roulette Slots Match Three Pro Gambling Games is available to download right now for free for only a limited time only with absolutely no in- app advertising ensuring continuous play without interruption. There is also no in- app purchases that can be made. Who knew winning in a Las Vegas Casino Triple game app could be so fun?

Roulette KingRoulette King

Players will place their bets, spin the wheels, and if they are lucky enough win huge amounts and take control of the casino by becoming Roulette King. The app has amazing and outstanding graphics and touch screen features, where a player can place his bet and spin the wheel to make real casino experience on Roulette King. The software of the game is enabled by Magmic Inc.

Game Description

The game has several features aimed at attracting more players to place their bets. It offers free chips on daily basis to continue the fun and excitement throughout. Very realistic touch screen feature for exciting game play, similar to the one found in Las Vegas. There are 18 varying types of betting to suit the playing style of everybody. The dealer has a voice to guide players when betting and also announce the lucky number, just like it’s done at a real casino.

Roulette tracker will keep track of the previous lucky numbers. It is possible to place the same bet on several occasions using the Last Bet Button. Players might not be able to win every time they play, but they can manage to keep on betting. The app treats all players like VIPs by including free chips in their bankroll daily. They can use the free chips to keep the fun flowing, when the casino is under their control and later turn the stack into millions.

More Game Detail

Roulette King is a new app used in iPad that has been designed to provide crucial lead to a player, and enable him place more accurate bets when spinning roulette wheel. Roulette King will apply his techniques to predict where the ball is more likely to land. Also, he can track the history of the wheel and determine its bias and numbers that are more likely to be revealed. Developer of this game is working on new features that will make Roulette King the preferred game by many gamblers.

Roulette King lets players place their bets and take their chances after spinning the wheel. It is designed for BlackBerry 10 and currently is Z10 only. It doesn’t have a lot of things to learn for those who have played any Roulette game before. Players can take on this game with confidence because they can rely on Dealer and tracker to lead them on where possibilities of winning are high.

Roulette 3d Casino GamesRoulette 3D Classic : A Free Casino Game

Roulette is one of those games where as soon as a person starts playing, they will instantly feel like they’ve been transported to Las Vegas. The sights and sounds of a roulette wheel will make someone feel like they are right in the heart and soul of a casino. Of course, no two roulette apps are created equal. That’s why it’s important to pick the one that will give a person the best experience for their time put in. Roulette 3D Classic is the perfect game whether a person is a beginner, intermediate, or experienced pro.

Game Description

Roulette is a game of luck. A person drops the ball and places their prediction on where it will end up. The theme of this game is all about chance. The more a person plays, however, the better they will get at placing their predictions. This app provides three different options when it comes to roulette play. A person can choose between American, European, or French roulette. It’s completely dependent on the individuals choice.

App Features

One of the main features of this game is the fact that it comes in 3D. This means the graphics and interface of the app really comes to life and makes a person feel like they are actually playing the game. It’s a free app as well which means essentially anyone can enjoy it! The app is designed to be used on an IPhone or an IPad. Although the app is free, the person playing does have the option to make an in-game purchase. The biggest example of that is if a person would like to purchase more chips for their gambling endeavor!

More Game Detail

Finally, when the app underwent it’s most recent upgrade, the company perfected a lot of features! The developer of the app fixed the bugs that previously caused the game to crash. This means a person can play without having to worry about losing their spot. The performance was also improved, all around. Thanks to all the updates, a person will have a very hard time finding something to complain about!

Roulette Calculator ProRoulette Calculator Pro

Roulette is one of the most fun and exciting games in any casino. Players are easily captivated by the spinning wheel at the roulette table and the opportunity to win big at the table. While millions of people play roulette each year, many people find themselves easily confused at the roulette table.

They may have a hard time figure out what to bet, or they may even have a hard time figuring out how much they are supposed to win. Because of this confusion some people avoid the roulette table in order to avoid being tricked. This prevents players from ever getting to truly enjoy the excitement of roulette. With the emergence of smartphones, many app makers have sought to make roulette much more accessible by creating roulette calculator apps. One of the most high quality roulette apps on the market today, is Roulette Calculator Pro.

Game Description

Roulette Calculator Pro was developed by Matthew Bechelli. The app is currently available in the iTunes App store for 99 cents, and the app runs on devices running iOS 6.0 and above. The app works by having the user input the bet that they made and they amount that they bet. Given this information, the app is able to quickly tell the user just how much of a payout they should expect. This is the perfect app for any trip to the casino.

There are several different features that make Roulette Calculator Pro the perfect tool for anyone that plans on going to the casino. The app is extremely easy to use, with a simple to understand interface. This is perfect for those that are going to be using this app in an action packed casino.

The app also understands the rules to both the American and the European versions of roulette, making it useful no matter what continent you are playing the game on. Finally, the app has a hand chip counting feature that makes it easy to keep up with how much your chips are worth. With all of these features Roulette Calculator Pro is an excellent addition to anyone’s app library.

Roulette Calculator Pro is sure to make your next trip to the casino much more interesting, and easy to understand.

Roulette Bet WheelRoulette Bet Wheel

Roulette Bet Wheel is one of the fastest growing apps on the internet today. For people that love to gamble, this is the game for you. Users can sign in and spin the Roulette Bet Wheel in a bid to earn or lose points. There is even a betting option where users can decide to risk a certain number of points, and if they win they can essentially continue to earn more points over time. There are many people who love to gamble but do not want to join a paid site or go to a casino. This app is the best for people that love to play casino games from the convenience of their phone. This is one of the biggest reasons that Roulette Bet Wheel has got some such great reviews.

Game Description

There are many features that make the Roulette Bet Wheel app so fun to play. Not only is the game play crisp and easy, there are many new additions to the game since it first came out. The good news is that there is a free version of the game where people can play through everything that the game has to offer without having to do any sort of in app purchases. However, there is a paid version of Roulette Bet Wheel where users can get a lot more features that are not offered in the premium version. Generally for well performing apps like Roulette Bet Wheel most of the features of the free site are available in the paid one as well.

More Game Detail

There have been several improvements to the game since it was first released to the public. This is quite common for any sort of app as they are always having to update the game play to make it more user friendly. For Roulette Bet Wheel, the game play has been made quicker than it originally was when it first came out. Many customers were saying that there was too long of a pause between the Roulette Bet Wheel turns. This is important to improve because now people can turn the wheel multiple times in a minute. At the end of the day, more improvements will continue to be made on the Roulette Bet Wheel app. However, with the great success that the app has had so far, it is easy to so why it is so highly rated among its first users.

Roulette RakeRoulette Rake

This is an exciting strategy aid for those who love traditional Roulette but want to take it one step further and ensure their winnings. Online gamers use Roulette Rake to predict the next numbers that will appear in the Roulette wheel based on the past number sequences. The user can test their luck on this fun app. It is created by Navtech Software and it’s an amusing tactic that can be utilized either on the iPhone or the iPad. Because it has a completely different set of strategies and knows the insides of Roulette, some say that using this app will enhance ones chances of winning big at one of the oldest games around.

Game Description

This app will cost $3.99 to download from any Apple Play Store. It uses trigger levels that are defined by the user at the inception of its use. The betting table will flash when the betting area on the outside bet has been missed more times than the trigger level indicated. By just entering the winning numbers for the spin, the display will be updated. There is also a table that is sorted and has all the table numbers and their “Hot Status” that can be viewed at all times. For the American tables it is set to 0 and 00 and for the European tables it is set to only 0.

More App Details

Roulette Rake sort of looks like a mix-matched checkerboard at first glance. The hot numbers are listed to the right in a table. The “wheel” is in the middle of the screen in black and red. The settings button is in the upper left hand corner and it’s easy to adjust the playing levels and other things like sound. This is made to be used to assist those who are playing Roulette online, and it’s not a game itself. It was released on September 8, 2010 and has been one of the most downloaded Roulette assistors on the Apple Aps store. It’s just one of many tools that can be beneficial in helping the online gamer play Roulette.

Roulette Deluxe FreeRoulette Deluxe

Roulette Deluxe was created by MobileMediaCom. They have created twenty-five games that are available for the iPhone and iPad; most of which are casino games. This reveals that they are not an inexperienced game development company and as such, they know what they are doing. Most of their other games are roulette games, which means they know what roulette is and how it is supposed to be played.

Game Description

Roulette Deluxe is a roulette game that is optimized for the iOS 6. It features brightly-colored, large graphics that show up very well on a cell phone screen. As there is no shading to the graphics, they appear to be clean and crisp on a cell phone or tablet; which is only enhanced by the high-contrast color palette. The serif font is very easy to read, especially since the developers decided to use a white font against a colored background.

It is not a completely free game, as there are in-application purchases that allow players to buy more chips as needed. The smallest purchase is $0.99, which is for two thousand chips and the highest purchase is $24.99. Players do have to purchase chips when they run out, as they do not get replenished after the initial chips have been used.

When placing bets, players must make a minimum bet of fifty chips, but there is a maximum of five thousand chips per bet. Once a bet ammount has been chosen, there is no way that it can be changed. While this is something that may annoy some players, it adds a measure of realism to the game; as it is impossible to change a bet in a regular casino.

Because the game does not have a training mode, it will seem to be confusing to people who have not played roulette games before. However, if someone has played before, they will find Roulette Deluxe to be very familiar and even a bit simple to play. While this may be a bit unfair to new players, people who have played roulette before will find it to be a nice change of pace.

More Game Details

Version 1.6 includes minor optimization, which makes it display better on both phones and tablets. This means it will be easier for people to play, as there is no longer any display issues and any problem with lag has been fixed as well. MobileMediaCom updates their games regularly, which proves that they do care about the games they make and the people who play them.

Roulette RoyalRoulette Royal

Roulette Royal – FREE Casino is a roulette table based from Mywavia Studios.

Different parts of the world use different roulette tables and boards, which is why Roulette Royal offers both European and American versions of each. Now players can choose which version of roulette they wish to play anytime through settings or at the start of the game.

Game Description

There is no need to write past numbers either as the last five are kept and listed. If five is not enough players can also choose to view full number stats across multiple games. Giving players the ability to hone their skill and betting style.

Playing alone can be a drag which is why Roulette Royal comes with an option to have bots, computer controlled players, that will play alongside players. No need for to worry about data usage playing with others over a mobile network.

A virtual store adds spice to the game by allowing players to buy a variety of items with their earned in-game money. Players can choose to buy items for vanity allowing this casino game to offer something really unique to many other roulette games out there.

Sometimes players want to see how they stack up to their friends and with the built in leader boards players can do just that. Compare the amount of cash won in game or the amount of items purchased. With multiple leader boards offering an easy view of country, and worldwide rankings.

If leader boards aren’t enough Roulette Royal also offers a hall of fame list. These lists are organized in a variety of categories for players to easily see stats from others that also play. Check who holds the lead.

Roulette Royal also offers social connection through social networks. Leader boards are better with friends and using social networks players will be able to check how they rate against their friends.

With impressive visuals and sound Roulette Royale is the real deal and is completely free. There is no in game cash shop for real money transactions either. There are ads however that pop up occasionally while playing.

More Game Detail

The most recent version of the game added support for iPad’s.

Roulette Finger LiteRoulette Finger

There are a lot of games on the market today, but there are only a few that are fun for an ipad or iphone. Roulette Finger is one of those games users just want to keep playing.

Theme and Developer
The theme is the same as to be in a real casino. Players can play the game much like they would in a real world setting. Spring Moon is the developer on this game and has a lot of different games created for users who enjoy games on their phones.

Game Description

This game feels real to users as it incorporates a lot of the fun of the regular game you might find in a casino, but for the phone or device. This game allows players to play as though they were in a real casino because it allows them to customize the experience and win points users can use throughout the game. player can use them for upgrades and fun things just for them.

Looks and Design

The looks and design are what makes the game the best it is. The design looks a lot like a clean casino players may want to be in to play games. The design is also helpful for the game itself. Users can concentrate on the accuracy of the game and getting the points players want. This will help them to advance in the game faster and help keep it fun. The slick design is also nice for users who are playing on smaller devices like an Iphone. The clean design makes it easier to see what is going on and what they user will need to get those points they want with the game.


This fun game is very budget friendly at $.99 for a download. Users can enjoy the game on any Itunes device for this one low price and there are no waits to get in the game. This will make things a lot more fun for those who like casino style games and want to add them to their phone. This game is fun and will offer hours of play for everyone who wants to play.

Roulette GeGaRoulette GeGa

This is not a game per se, but a tutorial app that will teach dealer secrets and tricks of the trade to players 12 years old and up. You read the first sentence correctly. According to the developer, Alamo City Initiatives LLC TX, there is a way to train roulette enthusiast and even beginners how to win every time. They have enlisted the help of professional roulette dealers with combined experience of 30 years to make this app do what they advertise. The process is known as Visual Roulette. They are so confident that a money back guarantee exists.

Game Description

After a quick download, icon buttons are clearly marked that take you to the home screen or set up another spin. The app has tutorials for both the American and European versions of roulette. Screen displays will post at the top which game you are currently in. Regardless of the version played, a convenient button has directions on the steps to take during the process. Occasional ads from the developer are placed throughout use of this download.

There is no cost to download this free app on either an iPad or iPhone device. There are in-app purchases for $4.99 including the top one entitled ‘pay and get to know what is your prediction point.’ The other in-apps are also mini-lessons that give specific pointers on how to watch the dealer as he throws the ball. In roulette, bets can still be placed during the first few seconds of the spin until the dealer closes them down.

Strategies in this app will teach you how to read the position of the ball as it first strikes the wheel with visual points. The wood grain background of the display is clean with only the wheel and detailed colors for each number slot. Players are allowed to play with 500 chips repeatedly until they are comfortable for the real game.

More Game Detail

Features to subscribe to the developers website are listed on the home page. There is also an option to sign in with your Facebook account. The last update was on May 16, 2015. There have been previous versions since it was created two years ago. There are no new updates pending. It will require 39.9 MB of space to download. iOS 8.1 and higher Apple devices can play this app. Optimized action is available for the five through six plus iPhone. Customer service has an option to speak with roulette dealers via Skype.

Roulette The GameRoulette: The Game

“Roulette: The Game” is exactly what you expect from the name: a game based on the popular casino game roulette. There’s a large roulette wheel and betting board, as well as a play to count your winnings (or losses). If you’ve ever played Roulette in person or even watched someone play it in a movie, you’ll feel right at home with this interface. The game comes from G.P.I. Software development, which also has a number of other app games, including “Soccer Contest,” “Flying Cow” and “Alien Fishing.”

Game Description

It can be used as a one-player game or it can be a multi-player game by connecting with other players via Bluetooth. Players can also use the game console to connect with players around the world. You can make multiple bets, or bet different amounts in different spots, just like in a real casino. There’s also a built-in magnifying glass feature, which makes it easier to see when you’re making multiple bets. It’s also very easy to manage money, with a built-in tool that shows players not just the amount of money they have left, but the denominations.

The app is free, although it does have some in-game ads that pop up on a regular basis. Players don’t need to make in-game purchases to play, but you can purchase bundles of coins that cost from 99 cents to $2.99.

More Game Detail

The biggest issue with “Roulette: The Game” is that there are a couple of major mistakes in the interface of the game. On the table, the colors for the numbers 11 and 12 are inverted. 12 is shown as being black when it should be red and vice versa. But even stranger is the fact that the roulette wheel itself is missing the number “23.” Also, the game’s random generator is unreliable and that issue has a massive effect on the gameplay.

The best thing about the game is the slick interface. It looks amazingly life-like and the accompanying game sounds make you feel as if you’re part of a real roulette casino game. But the technical glitches make the actual gameplay very annoying.

Roulette for TangoRoulette Live for Tango

Play roulette and min games in a Vegas styled game against others in Roulette Live for Tango. Made by AbZorba Games BetriebsgmbH.

Roulette Live for Tango really aims to capture the feel of a Vegas trip. With music and sound to fit the neon city.

The game features a turn based table to allow multiple players the chance to spin the wheel. Never play alone again with online play. This new multiplayer mode allows for numerous players to get together and play at a single table. Each player gets to place bets with turn dictating who gets to spin the wheel.

Game Description

With multiplayer also comes the ability to send other players cocktails as well as the ability to challenge others to a game. Being social in multiplayer is a must and that is why Roulette Live also includes live chat for players to communicate with others while playing.

Players will also be able to buy clothes to show their unique style. Offering numerous different styles players will be able to have a unique feel all their own.

Players will be able to play as a guest or sign in using Facebook. Playing anonymously or with friends is completely up to players.

Roulette Live also features tournaments allowing players to win big against others. Playing in tournaments is cool, but nothing quite compares to having VIP privilege suit. While there might be lot of other roulette games out there not many offer the ability to play in a tournament like this one.

Some players may need a break from roulette that is why Roulette Live also features mini games to pass the time by. Players will be able to take a chance at the Luck Wheel to win prizes. For those that want a little something more there is also Scratch ‘n Match.

The best part is players can get into Roulette Live for free. The game also features in game purchases that vary in price. The game also has ads featured in some menus.

More Game Detail

Roulette Live for Tango has frequent updates as well. One recent update included leader boards that offer prizes each week. This game continues to get full featured updates.

Roulette Wiz appRoulette Wiz! Your casino assistant

The name of the app is accurate in the fact that it assists players with certain information based on game play. There are several bets programmed in the software including even and odd, red or black, and others. The system has general guidelines that focus on bets that have not been made for long periods of time. The premise is to notify the gamer when it is the best time to place a bet for a win. The developer is Raul Blanquez who created this app with version 1.0 in May, 2012 for players that are at least 12.

Game Description

This is not a game, but offers ways to win using the numbers method for Apple devices with iOS 5.1.1 and older. It is a free download that displays the most popular bets made in the game of roulette. There is a green background with black and white writing. The suggested numbers are highlighted with red. There is a black bar with winning numbers that runs the length of the display on the right hand side. Percentages for each bet placed during play is displayed as a guide to keep the player poised as they wait for the alert. It can be used for both American and European versions.

A screen for configuring bets and notifications is available for further customization. This includes the all important threshold alert feature. Players can set how they want to be notified by switching on the sound or vibrate. There is also a switch that allows players to go from either game version. A help button is located at the bottom of this same screen in case there are additional questions. In-app purchases can be made including one for 99¢ to disable ads. There are automatic advertisements for this app.

More Game Detail

The last upgrade was on July 16, 2015 to repair in-app purchase bugs. There have been ten updates to the original software for fixes such as display enhancements and addition of the American roulette 00. In addition, more customization was completed to support the iOS version 8. The space requirements are minimal with only 5.7 MB needed on any device. The only optimized play can be had on the iPhone 5. The software supports the languages of Spanish and English. The developer cautions gamers from using this app in live casinos. However, it is recommended for use with online roulette play.

Roulette 2 RichRoulette 2Rich

The country of Indonesia has put this game at the top of the roulette mobile apps. With more than half a million downloads, players are winning prizes of millions of dollars in US currency. The developer Phuong Hoa Nguyen, has incorporated the flash feature to make this an exciting and authentic experience. Each screen display is completely filled with smooth 3D colors and graphics. Players aged 12 and older with iOS version 6.0 and better can engaged from anywhere with mobile or web action.

Game Description

Players can access this app for free as well as make in-app purchases. There will also be advertisements with no option to disable them. The screens have the winning amounts located at the top for each type of bet wagered. The roulette wheel is located next to the table bet display where chips are placed. A second screen has a close up with more detailed information including spin and max bet with a two times multiplier. The multiplier features of two or three times is boldly displayed at the top left side of the screen. The chips on this screen range in value from $100 to $100,000. Care must be taken with the $500 and $10,000 chips as they have the same purple coloring.

A third screen is for tournament action with players from around the world. A trial game feature is available as well as an event icon to participate in tournaments. In addition, there is an option that tracks the progress of all players with names and scores. A help feature can be accessed at anytime during play. Games can also be played with friends from a Facebook account that allows exclusive tournament action. However, players must use a Game2Rich login and password after downloading the software to start the process. There is gold currency that can be purchased in a variety of amounts. Players can take their winnings by simply cashing out when they are ready.

More Game Detail

This game comes in both Malay and English. The space needed for download is 20.9 MB. The last version was the original 1.0 on February 5, 2015. Currently, there are no updates forth coming from the developer. This game comes with a family sharing feature. However, it is rated as an intense gaming experience. Regular play is available on all iPhones, iPods, and iPads, while the iPhone 5 can engage in optimized gaming.

Roulette Master 3DRoulette Master – Vegas style casino

Roulettte Master Vegas Style has 3D graphics that add to the real casino appeal of this app. The colors are vivid with crisp lines as the gold actually glistens. The sounds of the ball spinning and falling into the winning slot are palpable. There is music to bring every aspect of roulette gambling together. The home screen has a welcome icon to enter the game followed by additional screens that encourage players to start the action. Waleed Abu Manneh developed this app on July 18, 2014 with its first version. All players are welcome as long as they meet the age threshold of 12.

Game Description

To make this an even more interesting experience, the app is free. It offers in-app purchases for additional chips. The most popular are the 25,000 or 50,000 packs starting at 99¢. However, the game has a built-in bonus where chips are awarded daily. The bonus chips must be played or they will be lost at the end of each session. The chips come in denominations of $50 to $10,000. Players will find it easy to distinguish them with the different colors. Additionally, all the chips are conveniently located in the center at the bottom of the screen. On the outside of the chips are icons that take you to the home screen, allow more chip purchases, or the ability to spin.

The top of each screen displays important details in distinct gold accented pearl icons with winnings, bets, and player balance. An added feature allows players to bet without limits. A refresh button makes it easy for players to start from scratch with chip placement. Ads will be randomly displayed with no way to turn them off. All players with Apple iPads or iPhones that have iOS 6.0 can take part in this simulated gaming experience. Download and game play do not require a special logon or password.

More Game Detail

The first and only version for this app was on July 18, 2014. No new versions have been advertised by the developer. Devices will need 48.9 MB of space to complete the download process. iPod devices are also compatible with the correct version. iPhone 5 allows an optimized play feature. This game is available in the English language. A settings feature is displayed on the home screen that allows players to control the wheel speed and sounds. In addition, there is a help button for beginners to get answers regarding bets or app related questions.

Roulette Master IIRoulette Master II

Roulette Master II is a game application designed for Apple Operating Systems by Thomas W Bowling. It costs $.99 to download the game from the Apple app store, but it is free to play once it has been downloaded. The game has a classical theme, implementing the standard colors of black and red to represent the even and odd colors respectively, and a green background. Along the left side are the wooden roulette wheel, how many credits the user has in their bank, and what specific numbers they are betting on. Roulette Master II has graphics that are straight cut, without any frills, and mostly in 2D, though the actually roulette wheel is pseudo 3D.

Game Description

The game play of Roulette Master II is similar to roulette games found in casinos. Players are given a set amount of credits to get started and choose what number or color they want to bet on. After making their selection they will tap the roulette wheel to cause it to spin. The sounds of the spinning wheel and ball being jostled are included in the audio, just like a ringing bell for a win, and depressing horn for a loss. Winnings are also similar to a real game of Roulette. Choosing Even, Odd, Black, Red, and the generalized number groups of 1-18 and 19-36 have a pay out of 1:1. Choosing the generalized groups of 1-12, 13-24, and 25-36 have a payout of 2:1 and all single numbers have a payout of 35:1. The higher the payout the less likely it is for the ball to land on. The player must determine a safety zone between being able to win more than what they bet to make a profit, while also managing the probability of still being able to win. All winnings are credited to the users bank and can be used to continue better, or saved until the next time they play. There are advertisements between rolls and no in-game purchases at this time.

The game was released Nov 28, 2012 and has only seen 2 updates since then. There hasn’t been any improvements in the last year. It doesn’t look like the game has too much attention from both its creator Thomas W Bowling or Apple. Roulette Master II is not a very complex game and the likelihood that there would be a bug that altered the simple gaming experience is doubtful.

Roulette By ContradictoryRoulette by Contradictory

Roulette is a Casino app that is named after a French word for little wheel. There are two kinds of Roulette-American and European. The two have similar features and the only distinction is that European roulette has 37 numbers; starting from 0 to 36, while American roulette has 38 numbers; from 0, 00 t0 36. The software of Roulette is enabled by Contradictory. Players can choose to play free app or real money slot.

Game Description

A player can choose to place his bets on single or range of numbers. Also, he will predict the color where the ball eventually lands (red or black) or if the number is even or odd. The player will start by spinning the wheel in a certain direction and the ball on the opposite direction. The ball will lose momentum and fall on the wheel and land on one of the 37 or 38 pockets that are numbered and colored. Payers are not limited to wager on single number, but can make multi bets on single or groups of numbers. This happens on the inside layout of the table.

The outside layout has several matching pairs of bets which cover 18 numbers. In this section a player can bet on high or low, even or odd, and between red and black colors. Players can also make dozen bets in 12-number bets or 17-number bets in other parts of roulette table. Players are supposed to purchase roulette chips when they choose to play. To prevent disputes every player is given a chip with different color. Each table has minimum and maximum bets that a player should make.

Dealers are needed to keep the wheel spinning all the time. Also, they spin the ball on the opposite direction as the wheel. The dealer will highlight the lucky number with a mark, and players cannot place their bet on that number until the mark is removed.

More Game Detail

The game has a house edge but when gamblers are playing at full table, they can get about 30 spins per hour. This will eventually slow down the time when money is exposed to house edge. Players are only allowed to place their bets as soon as the dealer spins the ball. The dealer will guide a player to stop when the ball is slowing down and eventually wave their hands and say no more bets.

Roulette – 3D Casino Games

There may not be any casino game with more excitement than Roulette. This exciting game has been crowding people around the Roulette table since the beginning of the casino. For years, people have flocked to place their bets on the table and take in all of the excitement. Many people have desired to play the game they love from the privacy of their own home, but until recently this simply has not been a possibility until recently.

Game Description

With the emergence of the smartphone many players have had the opportunity to try out the excitement of Roulette on the phone. One of the best options for those that love Roulette is Roulette 3D Casino Games. This wonderful game allows players to enjoy the excitement of Roulette on their mobile phones.

Roulette 3D Casino games was designed by Popular Mobile Entertainment. This company has produced many high profile casino games, and they are known for producing high quality content. The game was designed with the IPhone and IPad in mind. The game is available for free from the iTunes App Store, which makes it a wonderful option for those on a budget. While the app is free, you can purchase chips in order to add more enjoyment to the game. The game works much like Roulette works in the real world. Each round starts with each player placing their bets. Once the round of betting is over players then get to watch the roulette wheel go into spin. This wheel will determine the players destiny. Depending on where the ball lands players can win big. This amazing casino game is extremely enjoyable.

Roulette 3D Casino is packed with features that are sure to keep players coming back for more and more. One of the best features that this game has to offer is the high quality graphics featured in the game. Players are sure to enjoy watching the Roulette wheel spin after they place their bets. The game also features some of the best possible audio features. The audio truly immerses the player into the excitement of playing roulette. Overall, Roulette 3D Casino is an extremely well designed and full featured app.

If you are looking to take in the excitement of Roulette, then you absolutely have to check out Roulette 3D Casino. This high quality app is sure to draw in your attention and have you enjoying the excitement of Roulette for hours on end.

Roulette Always Surprise You With Amazing ContentRoulette – Always Surprise You with Amazing Content

This roulette game is designed to randomly surprise players with fun and exciting new content when they are playing it. With just one spin, you can be surprised with videos or movies which go directly to your iPhone. This app was released on February 5, 2015 and is available in both English and Chinese. For players with iOS 7.0 or later, this game can be a lot of fun for all players whom are at least 17 years of age.

Game Description

This app features a roulette wheel which can be spun with the tap of a finger. Once you spin the roulette wheel, you will get your surprise. The app has a single button which can be used to spin it, and will present you with a reward once you’ve spun it. You might land on an ad, but the games and fun will more than make up for some of the boring items which you might land on. Every so often, you might land on an ad or a nothing space, but more often than not you will get the surprise that you are looking for.

More Game Detail

The best part about this app is that it is available on both iPhone and iPad devices. If you are looking to learn English, then you can use it to learn new words each day with a spin. Another lucky spin might land you on a free movie, or perhaps a news item which will keep you up to date with what’s happening in the world. With this app, you can easily pass away a dull moment and get access to plenty of free content.

Even if you don’t feel like watching a movie or reading the news, perhaps a game will let you pass the time away. People whom have downloaded the app to their phones love the fact that it offers a constant surprise with new content. They think it is one of the most engaging and entertaining apps which they have seen. Spinning the roulette wheel is as simple as pressing the spin button once until you get the free content which you have been looking for.

Roulette Best Free Casino Betting GameRoulette – Best Free Casino Betting Game

Dumadu Games Ltd. has put out one of the most complete roulette gaming experiences with its release of Roulette- Best Free Casino Betting Game. The game is available on iTunes to download for either the iPad or the iPhone.

Roulette- Best Free Casino Betting Game is free as it notes in its title. It has a sister game that can be purchased for a small amount of money on iTunes that offers unfettered access to even more features.

Game Description

One of the most popular features of this version is that instead of opting to have players get used to one type of roulette style, it offers all roulette styles at the beginning of each game. That way players can switch and enjoy playing whatever style they prefer. The different styles include: French, United States, and European. The rule differences among versions are not that large. The primary difference is that the United States has a ‘0’ and a ’00’ on their board as belonging to the house. The other versions do not have the ’00’.

The developers have also made the game easy to use. The game starts with the player adding their information and ‘buying’ chips, although real money is never necessary. They then are transported to a roulette wheel and a betting table that allows them to place their bets by using their fingers to slide their chips onto the betting area. It is possible for players to bet individual chips or multiple chips at the same time.

Once the bets are place, players use a spin button to start the ball rolling around the wheel. After the ball drops, the results are shown and the player either collects or loses virtual chips.

With Roulette- Best Free Casino Betting Game, players can choose to bet several different ways. They can predict that the ball will land on red or black colors. They can split the 36 numbers into two or three groups and predict that the ball will land in one of those groups. They can also choose to bet that the ball will land on an odd number or an even one.

Additional Features:

Roulette- Best Free Casino Betting Game is available in English. Interestingly enough, although the Pro version, which is a paid version is rated for those that are 12 and older, this version is rated for those that are 17 and older. If in doubt, if you are under 17, purchase the pro version.

Roulette Casino DeluxeRoulette – Casino Deluxe

These is an app that is compatible with most Android phones if not all of them. Roulette-casino deluxe can be installed on either phones or tablets. It gives you the ability to feel how it feels when in a real casino. You will hunch as if you are in Vegas. The game can create intense emotions in an individual. The primary attribute being developed by this game in a person is intelligence. You have to be intelligent enough to create unique martingales and also get more tokens than your friends to become a pro in roulette-casino deluxe. The design of the game is interesting and will keep you playing all day.

Game Description

Roulette-Casino Deluxe is being sold by Tom Callaghan and was developed by Slots Bingo Poker Mobile Casino. It is a multi-player game in 3D. This game is universally compatible with any Android device including iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. However, it requires iOS 6.0 or a later version for it to work effectively and efficiently. The size of the app is 19.7 MB. The language used is English when giving instructions and other relevant information. It is usually free to download in many sites on the internet. This game consists of American, European and French Roulette. These is what has made this app become number one in the world.

More Game Detail

The latest version of Roulette-Casino Deluxe is Version 1.0 which was released on Aug. 05, 2014. You can easily get the game on iTunes in the games category. The game has been rated 17+, and this is because of the intense gambling and contests techniques. There is a lot of simulated gambling that are quite incredible. You can share the game with your family so that you can have an enjoyable family gambling experience. This game has been designed to work at its best when using iPhone 5. Usage Intelligence is a new advancement made to the game. It enables a player to have estimates of the app’s active users and their engagement metrics. However, you have to subscribe to Usage Intelligence to enjoy the feature.

Roulette Casino Las VegasRoulette – Casino Las Vegas

It is possible to experience the thrills and excitement of spinning the wheel while playing Roulette at casino in Las Vegas. Players have a chance to play Roulette Las Vegas style for free. Players normally sit or stand around roulette table. There is a wheel on the table with numbers 1 to 36, as well as single and double zeros. The software of this game is enabled by Ernestine Kuti.

Game Description

The numbers are divided in to two halves where one has red background and the other black. The zeros are marked using a green color. Apart from roulette table, the table layout has various bets that players can place their chips. In this game, players can make fortunes or lose them. They can decide to place inside bets by picking the number or range of numbers where the ball will land after spinning the wheel. The outside bets have several groups of numbers, whether they are odd or even and the pocket colors.

The payout odds for every bet are based on chances. When players bet on a single number, they can win 1 in 37 times and if the number selected is hit, they get paid 36 to 1. A person can place a bet as the ball is spinning on the Roulette wheel, but as the ball descends closer to the pockets, the dealer will announce no more bets.

More Game Detail

A player can select a number and place the bet, then watch as the wheel spin and enjoy the feelings of gambling Roulette at Las Vegas casino. The game has amazing graphics and players can play for free. In fact, it is the best Roulette slot players can enjoy without spending real cash. It is possible to keep track of all previous spins and know where to place the next bet. It is possible to reset the previous spins and also clear them using Reset and Clear Bets button.

A zoom-in view will enable players see the wheel and the position where the ball landed. Also, it will reveal the total amount for the current bet and the amount a player should have collected by winning the recent spin. The game is enjoyed by players at all levels because it’s easy and simple to learn. Beginners can play the game for free as they learn how to up their game.

Roulette Casino Roulette GameRoulette – Casino Roulette Game

Casino Roulette is a classic casino game. It has been around for hundreds of years. There are multiple variations of this game. However, IncrediApp recently released a version of this game. This one is derived from Europe. This version features a table with 36 red and black numbers. There is even one green 0. Individuals can bet on any single numbers. They can also place a bet on red or black numbers. The same goes for odd or even numbers. When all bets are placed, the dealer will drop a ball into the roulette. The ball will spin clockwise. The reel will spin counterclockwise. The ball will fully stop on one of the 37 pockets. The outcome for each pocket has already been set. This app gives individuals the chance to make money.

Game Description

There is no fee to play this game. However, real money will have to be used to place bets. This gives individuals a stimulated experience playing a casino classic. This app is the world’s largest online casino roulette game. The layout of the app is flawless. It is very easy to navigate through the app. This is why individuals love playing online games that IncrediApp created. IncrediApp has a great reputation with the online gaming community. These games never experience glitches. Today, there are too many gaming apps that do not work regularly. This is not the case with IncrediApp’s app.

This app was released in 2014. That means it is relatively new. The app follows all of the current rules and regulations. Individuals will have to update their app often, though. This game only uses English. There is no Spanish or French version of this app. It features frequent and intense stimulated gambling. Casino Roulette is not ideal for individuals who suffer from a gambling addiction. This app will only worsen the addiction.

The app can be played on an iPhone and iPad. However, this app is actually optimized for the iPhone 5. This game allows individuals to play against one another. This makes it great for those with friends online. There is even a chat option. The chat option lets individuals talk with one another. Casino Roulette is perfect for individuals who can’t get enough of online gaming. There is no paid advertising. Many individuals love this feature. It lets them focus solely on the game itself. The app can be found directly on iTunes.

Roulette Master Casino StyleRoulette – Casino Style

The main screen has an expensive look to it right from the start. The deep gray background along with the glistening gold set the stage for a real casino rush. The download is quick with a seamless flow from one screen to the next. The graphics have a 3D effect that makes the wheel appear layered. Chips are neatly placed around the wheel as well as on the numbers when wagers are made. For players that want to play more than one version, they can choose either the American or European table. The 00 in the American table is easy to distinguish with the bold green table background. With the variety of bets and tables, this app will quickly become a favorite. RNF Technologies Private Limited is the developer of this savvy roulette gaming experience.

Game Description

This free app has tons of features including in-app purchases. Players can choose between different types of chip packages such as 10,000 for 99¢. But, more are available with 4 million for $99.99 at the top of the chip food chain. Random advertisements will appear during the game, which may be a distraction for some. However, with a choice of five play tables, they will be too busy to notice. With the background casino music, the focus will be on unlocking the achievements of the game. There are bonuses for free hourly or daily chips that stay in your balance as long as you have the app. A leader board is available to let players know how they compare with others from anywhere in the world.

There are 20 kinds of bets in the software to wager. Game balances can easily hit the million dollar mark. For beginners, a tutorial in the help section will let them learn the ropes in this simulated environment. Once they hit the real casino, they will be pros. This is for fun with no real money being awarded. The achievements make up for the no real winnings as you compete against yourself to sharpen your skills.

More Game Detail

The last improvement on May 11, 2015, included a built-in game analyzer called ‘bet helper’ that tracks game stats and lets players know when to wager. Other fixes with this release were graphic enhancements and fixes for bug issues. Features for sharing on Facebook and the undo and stats options were also added. Any iOS 5.1.1 devices with 23 MB of space are compatible with this app.

Roulette 2015Roulette 2015

Going to the casino is one of the most exciting events in anyone’s life. The flashing lights and exciting games make the casino a major destination. There are many wonderful games at the casino, but one of the most exciting games is the game of Roulette. This game always seems to have a crowded table as players and onlookers crowd around the table to take in all of the action.

Game Description

Each spin of the reel is sure to build tension and make the players gasp with anticipation. Roulette is a highly enjoyable game, but until recently players would have to go to the casino in order to take in all of the excitement of this wonderful game. As smart phones become more and more readily available many people have tried to capture the excitement of Roulette in the form of an app. One of the most powerful apps on the market today is Roulette 2015.

Roulette 2015 was designed by Silicon Sapphire, and developed by Game Center, one of the most prominent developers in the business. The game is meant to run on both iPhone and iPad and the iPhone. The game is available for 99 cents in the iTunes App Store, and it runs on all Apple devices that have iOS 8.1 or higher. The game runs just as any game of Roulette would. Players start each round by placing their bets, when all the bets are placed the wheel is put into motion. Depending on how the ball lands, players either win or they don’t. They then have the opportunity to try their luck again.

Roulette 2015 includes several important features that make the game far superior to other versions. One unique feature of Roulette 2015 is the themed boards. Roulette 2015 offers four different themed boards, Hypnotic Roulette, Vegas Bonus, Macau Special Roulette, and Monaco Royale Roulette. Each of these games offers unique games that will keep players playing, as they try to learn the game. Roulette 2015 also features some of the best graphics possible, as well as some of the best graphics. This app also allows players to play for free, there are no in app purchases.

Overall Roulette 2015 is an extremely enjoyable app that is perfect for those that miss the excitement of the casino, and want to have a similar experience on their phone. You definitely want to check out this app.

Roulette 3DRoulette 3D

Get ready for a 3D roulette game ride. The graphics are stellar with full display of the wheel and table. The colors are crisp as well as the sounds of the spinning wheel and the dealer’s voice that adds the final real casino touches. The excitement starts from the moment you download this amazing app. There are perks such as bonuses for players along with features to share with friends on Facebook or the game’s global community. The developer is Viaden Enterprises LTD. They have created a treat for the mobile roulette enthusiast.

Game Description

The price for this app download is $2.99 with space requirements of 61.6 MB. It does not have in-app purchases or the distracting advertisements of other roulette apps. It has authentic casino music. There is the rare feature of a dealer’s voice. It does everything found in a real casino including announcing the winning number. It also directs the game by telling players to place their bets or when no more bets are allowed. The game can be played in three modes including American, French and European. After the download, it is easy to move from game to game by tapping on the one you want to play. The software will automatically keep track of the different game scores. There is a leader board that lets players view their standing in any game against the global competition.

To make the action more exciting, there is a built-in achievements feature with 26 levels. The level for each game is clearly displayed on the screen. An information tab is marked with an ‘I’ with information on the history of roulette. Beginners can also find tips and strategies to help them learn the ropes of roulette. The menu button will also give instructions similar to a slots pay table. A quasi rewards program is available to players through their Facebook account that has promos and other contests. No matter what version is being played the total bets and winnings are conveniently located at the top of the screen.

More Game Detail

Included on the developers Facebook page are updates, and new release information. Version 2.1 was the last installment to correct bugs with the iPhone 5 model. There have been previous versions to add the French Roulette table and leader board. More enhancements for performance and improvements for placing bets and unlocking the achievements were also implemented. Competition among family members is an option with the sharing feature.

Roulette American WheelRoulette American Wheel

American Roulette Wheel has pockets that are numbered from 0 to 36 with an extra 00 pocket, making them 38 in total. It’s simple to play and learn its techniques. Players can practice on free American Roulette and put their luck and plans to test. The starting credit for the game is 1000 with the same as maximum bet. The table has 36 numbers, single and double zeros. The house edge has 2/38 chance on any single number.

Game Description

The order of numbers on the wheel are arranged in a specific numerical balance between low and high, black and red, as well as odd and even. Black and red numbers alternates with each other, while two even numbers will appear after every two odds numbers. All red numbers are directly opposite black numbers. The single and double zeros both are in green pockets while the other 36 are evenly distributed between black and red pockets.

Players aim at predicting the position in which the ball lands after the wheel has stopped spinning. They will select their chip from one to fifty and then choose on the table to place their bets. If a player is satisfied, he will go on and spin the wheel to start the game. Since American Roulette wheel has both 0 and 00 spot feature, it offers players twice advantage as compared to French Roulette wheel. When betting on roulette, a player will select the best way to determine the type of odds and associated total risks in all bets.

More Game Detail

American Roulette has great features because when players make bets, the numbers selected are highlighted hence no confusion can be witnessed. The maximum a player can place on one spin is $250. A player can press Remove button to remove a single bet from the table, or Clear all Button to remove all chips on the table. After placing the bets, a player should press the spin button to start the game. Roulette ball will start moving around the wheel and eventually fall in one of the 38 pockets on the wheel.

Players will be guided by roulette marker to show the numbers in which the ball has landed before. After winning, the bets are left on the table while bets that have been lost are taken away. Players can also repeat their last bet by pressing Repeat button.

Roulette AnalyticsRoulette Analytics

Roulette is considered a game of chance, which means anything is possible. This app will assist players with features that can increase their possibility to win. To make this a user-friendly process, there are several pages with colorful graphics and displays. They provide information for player’s stats and other particulars using a special algorithm. Because this is not a game, there are no sounds or special effects. This app takes a serious stand on the side of the player. App developer Pavel Hubner used cutting edge technology as he packaged it with clean lines for players that are 12 and older.

Game Description

The app will cost $7.99 before you can download it to an iOS 5 version Apple iPhone 3 through 5 along with the iPad or iPod. Since this is not a game, there are no in-app purchases or advertising with pop-ups. Instead, players have a utility app on their device that may move them closer to more winnings. It has a structure with five screens that house separate game information. A review of the five screens shows the level of detail available to players.

The first page is for tracking the numbers called during the game. It only takes a simple click to review the tracking throughout the game. The second has a histogram with each bar distinguishing the amount of times a number was a winner. The histogram can be viewed in either the sector format that shows the parts of the wheels that numbers land on. The importance of this view is the ability to see the section of the wheel that is biased. The next view is a linear one with the numbers placed in chronological order.

The third screen has statistics with percentages for the individual bets made. Players can easily get real-time data by tapping the display. There is a switch that offers a look at the outside bets as well as the inside bets. In addition, the app is configurable for looking at the numbers next to the winners. Screen four has the history for winning numbers that are highlighted with red or green. The fifth and final page is for settings. Players can make adjustments to the number of spins for the game’s history among others.

More Game Detail

This game hit the app market on October 23, 2012 with its original version. There are no announcements from the developer regarding new improvements or updates. It only needs 1.7 MB of downloadable space. The iPhone 5 will offer an optimize experience.

Roulette Fabulous Las VegasRoulette Fabulous Las Vegas

Roulette is a very exciting game for those that love to gamble. The game is one of the greatest spectacles available at any casino. Roulette tables are always crowded with people looking to take in the excitement of the game. Roulette is a wonderful game, but until recently the game was not available to those that could not make it to a casino. Mobile phones have opened up new possibilities for those that love Roulette.

Game Description

There are many games that allow players to experience the excitement of Roulette on their phone. One of the most exciting Roulette apps on the market today, is Roulette Fabulous Las Vegas. The game is extremely well designed and has the features that players are looking for in a Roulette simulator.

Roulette Fabulous Las Vegas was designed by Alan Teixeria, and developed by Game Center, the developer that has brought many of the most popular apps. The game was designed for Apple devices, and is compatible with all Apple devices that have iOS 7.0 or higher. The game has been optimized to run on iPhone 5. This game is completely free to download. This game captures the excitement of Roulette by combining the famous game with the excitement of slots. Players are able to spend their virtual currency on a traditional 3 row five reel slot machine, with the chance of winning big. The game is extremely engaging, and is sure to keep players playing for days on end.

There are several features that make Roulette Fabulous Las Vegas an extremely good option for those looking for the rush of slots on their iOS device. The game is able to run no matter where you are. While many games require the use of an internet connection, this game runs perfectly even without one. The game also allows players to start with a considerable number of coins, so that you can play for an extended amount of time. Those that are looking to play a lot of slots will definitely appreciate the fact that this game allows players to auto spin the reels. Finally, one of the best features of this game is the fact that the game allows you to play the slots completely for free.

Roulette Fabulous Las Vegas is one of the best slot apps on the market today. This wonderful slot game is sure to immerse you in the excitement of the slots for free.

Roulette Finger LiteRoulette Finger Lite

With the emergence of the smartphone, many games have emerged to help entertain smart phone owners. These games can come in handy when you are stuck on a long trip, or you are in a situation where you know that you will be waiting for an extended amount of time. These games are a major asset to those that love to play when they need a break from life. There are hundreds of games available for those that are looking to enjoy a game, but one of the most entertaining games on the market today is Roulette Finger Lite. This exciting app brings an extremely interesting concept to the market, and features several wonderful features to keep players playing.

Game Description

Roulette Finger Lite was designed by SpringMoon for the Apple Iphone. The game is available for free in the iTunes App Store. The game runs on any Apple device that has iOS 3.0 or higher. While the name might suggest that you will be playing a game of roulette, it is actually a game of timing. Players have to follow the Roulette wheel as it spins around, and try their best to touch the Roulette wheel without hitting the spinner. This game can be extremely challenging, but it can also be extremely rewarding.

Roulette Finger Lite includes several features that are sure to bring players back for more and more. One of the most important features in this game is the fact that the game is extremely easy to use. You simply start up the app, and you can be playing it within seconds. The game also can be played extremely quickly. This means that players can squeeze in a game during the awkward moments of the game that they do not know what to do.

While many games require players to sit through awkward and annoying apps, this game is completely ad free. Another wonderful feature that comes with this game is the fact that you can adjust the difficulty level. This allows children that are just starting to get into the gaming world the opportunity to learn how to play, while those that are looking for an extremely difficult challenge may be able to find it.

Overall, Roulette Finger Lite is an extremely enjoyable game for those that are looking for a way to spend their spare time. You are to enjoy playing this wonderful app in your free time.

Roulette for TangoRoulette for Tango

Tango maybe a classic and sophisticated dance, but roulette tango takes this to another level. The 3D graphics are superb with live pictures available of other players in the game. The display offers a full-length view of the wheel, table with chips and chairs for virtual players to sit. The colors have a smooth yet biting texture that make the images spring off the screen. Coins can be seen flipping in the air with each bet. The wood from the roulette wheel glistens with every spin. TangoMe, Inc. hit this visual treat out of the box for players older than 12.

Game Description

The download for this app is free with a couple of clicks the process will be complete. In-app purchases make this experience even more exciting with loads of chips available for reasonable prices. Start with 100,000 for only 99¢ to 150 million for $99.99. There are also packages for gold chips beginning at 99¢ for a package of 10 or $1.99 for a 25 pack. The top in-app is the 1 million package of chips for $2.99. The denominations have a range of 100 to two and a half thousand in a variety of colors. Bonuses are randomly awarded and can be access by clicking on the ‘get bonus’ button in the player lounge.

Other features in the player’s lounge include a tutorial and icons for each game table. The store and social platform are also available form this area. Players will be able to send messages and share game information by clicking on the player’s picture. Customer service is available from the help icon along with the option to create and update a player profile. There is a feature that allows single or multi-play games. The app has roulette games in the European, French or American version. Each one allows the ability to have a conversation with other players around the globe during the game. Achievement settings can be shared with friends or kept private.

More Game Detail

The game app was last updated on March 24, 2015 to correct miscellaneous bugs. Prior to that, several other bug fixes were implemented from July 8, 2014 through October 15, 2014. There is a rather large system space requirement of 80.9 MB for any of the Apple devices that want to play. This can be attributed to the variety and number of games as well as the social platform component. Regardless of this factor, 6.0 iOS version on any device will be compatible. There are over 29 languages including Russian and Vietnamese. Look for the convenient family share option.

Roulette Fortune ProRoulette Fortune Pro

Roulette Fortune, which was released in January, 2014, is sold by Fun Cool Free, LLC, and is available on Apple products using iOS 4.3 or later. Fun Cool Free spends the bulk of their time on developing gaming apps, a most enjoyable way to pass some time while waiting, as we often find ourselves doing in this world. They are a go-to source for entertainment and gaming apps, health apps for people tracking their fitness and they also have a wide range of casino apps. This soon-to-be publicly traded company continues to build its portfolio of offerings, and will likely apply for listing on an exchange within the coming year.

Game Description

Roulette Fortune, one of their gaming apps, is available on all Apple products including Iphones and Ipads. Roulette phone-based games are popular amongst those who enjoy playing this game at the casino. For others, it is a game that they strictly play once in a while on their phone to pass time. This game can be embedded directly into your phone, or downloaded. Because this simulates gambling, there is an age-rating of 12+ on this game.

Fun Cool Free has brought the fun of casino gambling to your phone with this exciting app. Now you can have all the fun of roulette, without it ever costing a dime! The app is free to download from the Itunes App Store, and is touted as one of the best roulette apps. Many people also like to brush up on their roulette skills, and this app is the perfect way to do it. Having it available on your phone, you can play it on your way to the casino.

In keeping with providing an authentic gambling experience, this app has been designed with Vegas odds. With each spin of the colorful wheel, your chance to win big is only seconds away! Using an app like Roulette Fortune is also a way to cultivate an interest in this very popular casino game. Some people like to use it almost like a tutorial if they have been considering playing Roulette on their next casino trip. It helps to familiarize them with the game. Figure out if the odds are with you by downloading this game today, and have some casino-like fun whenever you have a few spare minutes!

Roulette Free PlayRoulette Free Play

There are a tone of games on the market today. Many are free or low cost, but how do users know they are getting a game that is not going to just take up space. Roulette Free Play is one of those games users won’t want to miss.

Game Description

The Developer of this game is Rob Brown. This developer has created a lot of other games for users to play and use on their own phone. These games are all free or low cost. This makes them more cost effective for those who want games, but don’t want to spend a lot of money on their games.

The theme is simple for this game. It takes a new look to the Roulette games already out. This one is more fun and more flashy for those that want to have something more fun on their phones or tablets.


The game itself is also a fun game that will have users playing it on their phone as well as their tablets so they can be entertained anywhere. The game is a great addition to anyone who wants to have a bit of a casino look to it. They also will have fun with the flashy type of game that adds fun to it. Players will also find a fun way to gain points within the game. This will help them advance and earn more additions to the game.
The cost of the game is free so the only thing users will be spending is a little room on their phones or tablets.


The app is designed in a way that most users will want to play with it. The game offers the best in design and fun. It has colors that are pleasing to the eye and what make users want to play for longer and more.

This game is a great addition to users phones or tablets and will allow users to get the fun they want for no cost. This is great for anyone who wants to play a game on their phones and such. Users should look at the game before they decide to get it, but it is at a cost that is wonderful.

Roulette Game CasinoRoulette Game Casino

Roulette is easily one of the most exciting and engaging games in any casino. This game features a full table of players placing bets on where they feel that a ball will fall on the Roulette Wheel. When the wheel is put in spin onlookers crowd around, to take in one of the most exciting moments in the casino world. People love taking in Roulette, but until recently, you had to travel all the way to Vegas or Atlantic City to play Roulette. Now, there are many wonderful Smart phone apps that allow users to enjoy the excitement of Roulette from their phone. One of the many popular apps that captures the excitement of Roulette is Roulette Game Casino.

Game Description

Roulette Game Casino was designed by Kullapath Nillahuth, who has produced many high quality apps. The game is available for free from the iTunes App Store. This game will run on any device that has iOS 7.0 or higher, but the game has been optimized to work on iPhone 5. The game runs much like any roulette game normally would. The game starts with a betting round, in which players can place a bet on any number of options on the table. These bets range from extreme long shots, to rather conservative bets. When the betting round is over, the computer begins spinning the Roulette Wheel. Depending on how the spin of the wheel goes, players either win or lose. After this players are then able to go into the next betting phase.

This continues for as long as the player wishes to play.

Roulette Game Casino contains several features that players are sure to enjoy. One of the most important features that can be found in Roulette Game Casino are the high quality graphics. The betting board is displayed in a way that is extremely easy to understand, and when the ball goes into the Roulette Wheel, players are able to take in the action in 3D. This feature helps to immerse you into the experience of playing Roulette. The sound quality in this game is also extremely well done, and players are sure to enjoy hearing the wheel spin around. Overall, Roulette Game Casino is an extremely well designed and enjoyable app.

Players have longed for a virtual Roulette experience that would allow players to enjoy the game on the go. Roulette Game Casino has finally delivered on that promise and given players a game that they can enjoy.

Roulette Game Las VegasRoulette Game Las Vegas

Casino lovers can take their seat on the online tables and get ready for thrilling spinning adventure when playing Roulette Game Las Vegas. The techniques of the game are the same for season players and beginners, where they decide how much and where to place the bets. Indeed, there are many choices available. The software of this game is enabled by Digipulp Inc.

Game Description

A roulette wheel will consist of numbers 1 to 36 and also 0 and 00 to make them 38 in total. The game has inside and outside layouts. A player can place his chip on one specific number or on a line between two numbers. Also, a chip can be placed on three or four numbers. The only five number bet on roulette table consist a line connecting 0,00, 1-3 numbers. The six numbers bet is placed on the outer rows of three numbers.

The outside layout has dozen bet where a chip is placed on a box marked first, second and third dozen. Any winning number will hit the dozen range of the bet. Single and double zeros are losing numbers. Column bets are also available on the outside section. The lucky number will hit the column of the bet. There is a box marked red or black, where a player would select the background color of the lucky number. Odd or even is another prediction that a player will make referring to the winning number. In this case it would be even or odd.

When a lucky number and color has been revealed by roulette wheel, the dealer will mark the lucky number. Players are not supposed to place their bet on that number until the mark has been removed and payoffs made. The dealer will guide a player to know which pockets are available to place the bet.

Playing Roulette on regular occasion will eventually take the skills of a player to the next level. The app has fantastic features and gamblers can play the game at the comfort of their homes. A person will use his mobile devise and download iTune apps to be able to access the game. Free slots are available for beginners to learn and practice while learning the techniques of the game. They will experience thrilling moments and fun while playing and winning prizes on Roulette Game Las Vegas.

Roulette GoldRoulette Gold

One of the fastest growing areas of app development today is in online gambling. There are millions of people all over the world that enjoy to gamble. However, they may not have access to any local casinos in their area. This problem is solved with online gambling through websites or other mobile applications. As a result of this popularity, there are a variety of gambling apps that are hitting the market. One of the most highly rated of these apps is the Roulette Gold app. There are many great features about this app that make it attractive to potential customers. Here are several pieces of information about this game.

Game Description

Roulette Gold works like any roulette game in a casino. Instead o spending actual cash, a player can spend points in order to take their turn at the roulette wheel. A player can select the amount of points they want to use and then they can select the number that they think it will land on. In this way, it is very easy to see why it is so popular with its customers. At the end of the day, only points are being bet on the mobile app.

App Features

There are many features of Roulette Gold that make it fun for customers to play. First of all, the colors and sounds make the app experience feel like one of a casino. There are many people that comment in the reviews about how fun and appealing the game is to play because of these features. Another great aspect of the game features of Roulette Gold is the fact that users can change the color scheme of the game to match their specific preferences. This is a great way to get a customized experience with the game. Finally, the ability to interact with other players from around the world is a great feature of Roulette Gold.

More Game Detail

Like any app, there have been several improvements to Roulette Gold after it first came on the market. The great thing about this app is that the developers are very interested in listening to the feedback of the users. There are many things in the reviews of Roulette Gold that have already been added back to the game simply because there are customers that left reviews and the company wanted to add them to the game.

Roulette GoldRoulette HD

There are a lot of games users can choose for their phones and tablets, but many users are unsure what games are going to be the most fun for them. Roulette HD is one of those awesome games everyone will love.

The game is developed by Palmanac Limited. This developer is one of those who has several games on the market today. They also have other casino games players may be interested in. These games are available for those who have Iphones or Ipads they may do their gaming on.
The theme of the game is like a casino. This will make users want to play them because it will feel like they are in the casino playing with all the bells and whistles. This game is very themed for casino goers or those who love those games.

Game Description

There are may features this game has including an option to get points and add them to the users game so they can upgrade and get more out of the game they want. This is wonderful for players who want to continue the game and work with it to get the high score. They can concentrate on the game and make it fun and earn more points than ever before.


The design of the game is one where it looks like the real table. The game works in the same way and takes the same concentration as a real casino game. That makes it more fun than if it was loaded with colors and options. The clean design allows players to concentrate on the game and winning as many points as possible. The cost is also minimal at $1.99 for the game, but it can be played on any apple device.

There are many games out there for users phones. These games may be fun, but not all are going to be as fun as this one. Anyone who wants to play a casino game that feels real will find this option one of the best ones out there. They may want to look at the games page and be sure its what they want, but users will find this game exciting once it’s on their phone.

Roulette Holdem Mania HDRoulette Holdem Mania HD-Free Casino Game

If you are a person who loves Roulette, then this is the perfect game for you. It is a game that you can install easily on your device. This game comes in a marvelous Monte Carlo royal style that is very exciting to play. The app has been entirely designed to work well with iPhone and iPad. You can get the app easily on the internet on sites like iTunes. It is free to download and install the app.

Game Description

This game is compatible with most of the IOS smartphones. Your gaming experience will be taken to a higher level by playing the game. The game has a Las Vegas theme that gives the feel of a real casino. The sound effects and graphics in the theme are one of a kind, and they are the ones that make the game interesting. The latest version is version 1.2. It occupies a space of 20.0 MB and the language used is English. You will be glued to your phone all day playing this fantastic game. It will transform the look of your smartphone and become a casino at hand. There is nothing as fun as playing Roulette Holdem Mania HD. The visual art of the game are also quite impressive, and the picture quality is also amazing.

More Game Detail

This game gives you the real deal of playing Roulette. The game offers a certain excitement that is equivalent to that of Las Vegas casinos. Using the Roulette Holdem Mania HD app, you can learn and perfect your Roulette skills. You will be able to become a pro in gambling within no time. The developer of the app is Launch Technology Group, LLC. This game will enable you get the feeling of a casino without having to spend. Do not be left behind in the gaming industry. Try out this game to become an expert.

Roulette King Free Las VegasRoulette King – Free Las Vegas Roulette & Casino Game

Players can experience the fun and excitement of playing Roulette King in Las Vegas Casino simply on their mobile devices. The software of this game is enabled by Kittipol Chaiwattanapong. Roulette King is a simple online slot where players are supposed to select a table, place their bets, spin the wheel and then enjoy the thrill and excitement of the game. They can win lots of prizes by playing free Las Vegas Roulette.

Game Description

The game has interactive bonus round and unique features for more fun available on mobile devices. Players can spin daily and get chances of playing bonus round chips. The app has HD images for iPad and iPhone display. These graphics enables players to experience the feelings of live games. The audio effects are excellent to give players the right mood to continue playing. It has a Las Vegas style of play and free slots to be played every day.
Developers are spending a lot of cash to enhance these online slots and apps. People can participate and play Roulette King at their own free time. Available on smart phones and tablets, a person can play this game on the comfort of their seat; at home, work place or while on a training commuting. A person can log in to his account, place a bet and then spin the roulette wheel as he watches on his monitor.

Roulette King has wonderful graphics and great touch screen features to place the bet and spin the wheel in a realistic experience ever. It is possible to use Roulette Tracker to reveal past lucky numbers, and in the process guide a player to make right decisions. When playing Roulette King, a player will enjoy the experience of real Las Vegas style. Also, a player can use a dealer’s voice to direct him when placing the bets and to announce lucky numbers, the way it happens in a real casino. Make same bet over and over using the last bet button.

It’s an amazing experience to play Roulette King-Free Las Vegas Roulette & Casino Game because players are able to win great prizes and get chances of playing free spins. Players should only select the right online casino where they can place their bets. Select the right casino to play Roulette King and enjoy great experience of the game.

Roulette Las VegasRoulette Las Vegas Slots

Edgar de Oliveira has done a great job of blending traditional roulette into a Las Vegas style slot game with his application, Roulette Las Vegas. The idea behind Roulette Las Vegas is to introduce roulette betting elements into a slot machine. Similar to themed pinball, the players are actually simulating a slot machine with some roulette rules.

Game Description

Because this application is available for free, it makes a nice download for people who are looking for a slot machine application that has multiple features.

The game play is straightforward. Players set up an account to bet with the house. They are not betting real money. In fact, in most scenarios if they do run out of money, the game will allow them to receive more instantly.

Players can then proceed to the slot machine. They simply put the amount that they prefer to bet in and then spin the wheel. They can spin the wheel each time after that or they can choose to auto-spin the wheel. Auto spin will speed up their game play.

They can also select the types of wild cards that their game provides for them. Sticky wilds are one example. If players spin the wheel and win when they have a sticky wild included in the winning line, they will often see that there are other wild cards that match the sticky wild clustered around that wild card. If the ‘sticky’ wild cards that came with this wild card complete other lines, each of those lines is also a winner, making sticky wilds a popular option. It is also the case that in some implementation of sticky wilds, once they have been added to a wheel, they will remain there until they are used.

Shifting wilds are also possible. Shifting wilds is a feature that is similar to sticky wilds. The difference is that shifting wilds are a type of wild that has traditionally moved one space after it has started in one place on a player’s reel. So if a player uses shifting wilds, they can track the wild’s movement as they continue to spin and plan for combinations that will be winners.

Roulette LiveRoulette Live : Casino All-In

Gaming and socializing was never so easy. This app will keep you playing to beat yourself or friends. With a Facebook feature or the ability to compete with players from around the world, you will not be disappointed. Whenever, there is a tournament avatars will be displayed on the top or bottom of the screen. Throughout play with this American version of roulette, digital lighting and 3D coin animation bring home the real casino environment. The colors are sharp with green, red, black, and white on an olive green background. Developer Crispy Games Private Limited did an exceptional job with this app introduced on November 14, 2012. Players ranging from 12 and up will enjoy mixing and mingling with other gamers.

Game Description

A free app download that only needs 10 MB of space will have you carving out time in your schedule to play. There are in-app purchases for chips in a variety of pack sizes. The smallest is one thousand for 99¢, however, specials are offered that can secure ten thousand chips for the same price. Compared to other roulette apps getting one million chips for $19.99 is unheard of. But, with this app, the developer wants to be your only choice for the game of roulette.

To ensure this, they have live and multiplayer tournaments with friends around the corner or around the world. Before you start a game, go to the screen where action is already happening. Find out how many players are engaged, the level of play and then simply click the take seat icon to join them. There will be a variety of tables with different stakes. To avoid any confusion, a large ‘no more bets’ is flashed across the screen signifying time is up for placing a wager. To make sure there are no distractions, there are no advertisements or boxes that pop during play. Because of the user-friendly interface, beginners can learn the ropes. Experienced players will be able to hone their skills.

More Game Detail

This game also has a time left icon as well as a lobby button when players are ready to exit the game. The latest update was made on February 11, 2014 to enhance UI and game performance. Family and friends alike can jump in with the app share feature. English is the language used by this app. Compatibility for Apple devices such as iPhone and others with iOS version 6.0 are available. There is an optimize feature for owners of the iPhone 5.

Roulette LiveRoulette Live!

Prepare to be impressed by this app. It comes with several screens that have all the information possible for exciting play. Each display has a 3D element with colors that jump off the device. In addition, there are the real sounds of the casino environment throughout the visit. Players can decide if they want to play the American or European version with the tap of an icon. The winnings can top $1 million. Phonato Studios Private Limited put this app on the market February 28, 2014, with its first version. With intense and frequent simulated gaming, players must be 12 years or older to download.

Game Description

For starters, there are tons of in-app purchases with this free app. The list includes packs of chips from 10,000 for 99¢ to a mega haul of four million for $99.99. The denominations for chips are large and range from $10,000 to $10 million. The bets are between $5,000 for a minimum to $100,000 for the maximum. There is no need to worry about running out, because a ‘get chip’ icon is located on each screen for player convenience. The features make this one of the most authentic roulette experiences on any app.

Try on for size up to 20 types of bets or five various tables. The game has bonuses that provide players with free chips each day. The bonus chips continue to add up even if you do not play them the same day they are earned. The American Roulette table has the 00 feature, while the European table is differentiated by a single 0. A lounge for both tables is offered with specific stats for a player’s standing base on each game. It has information such as net worth, biggest win and last win. This information is also displayed during the game directly above the game table. A leader board feature allows gamers to see how they compare to others with this app.

More Game Detail

There has not been any recent improvements to the app since its launch. Additionally, no reports of updates are in place. The small space of 14.3 MB is all that is necessary to load the software to any Apple device. It is compatible with iOS 5.0 on any iPod touch model, iPhone, or iPad. Optimized graphics and features are available with iPhone 5. Get ready for family tournaments with the sharing feature. This game comes in the English language.

Roulette ManiaRoulette Mania

Roulette is a spectacular game that can be enjoyed by people from all walks of life. This game has long been the highlight of any casino. Players have long wanted to bring the excitement of Roulette into their homes, but until recently the only way to do so has been to purchase a full size Roulette table and install it in your home. This is an extremely bulky and expensive option, so most players have chosen to wait until they go to the casino to fulfill their appetite for Roulette.

Game Description

With the emergence of the smart phone, many players have discovered that they can play Roulette on their phone. Hundreds of wonderful Roulette apps have emerged, and one of the best apps on the market today is Roulette Mania.

Roulette Mania was designed by PGR Interactive, and developed by Game Center. Both of these companies have excellent reputations, producing numerous apps that players can enjoy. The game is available in the iTunes App Store for $1.99. The game runs on all Apple devices that have iOS 4.3 or higher. While the game can run on iPad, Ipod, and the iPhone the game has been optimized to run on the iPhone 5.

Roulette Mania seeks to accurately emulate the experience of roulette. Players start with a certain amount of money, and they are allowed to go to the roulette table and attempt to earn more. During each round of betting players have the opportunity to take a wide range of different bets, from the long shot bets(single numbers) to the much more conservative options(one color). Once the betting phase is over, the roulette wheel is put in spin, and depending on where the ball lands, players either win or lose. Roulette Mania does an excellent job of emulating Roulette.

Roulette Mania contains many different features that set this game apart from other popular Roulette apps. The game uses truly unique graphics that all the player to feel more fully immersed in the action. When players want to place their bets, they are doing so on a table that looks like an actual roulette table, and when the wheel is spun, players can actually watch it spin. The app is also extremely easy to use. Players are sure to enjoy the many features that this app has to offer.
If you are looking for an extremely exciting app for your iPhone, then you must check out Roulette Mania.

Roulette Mania FreeRoulette Mania Free

Roulette Mania Free is a free to download game that runes on the Apple Operating System. The game was produced by PGR INTERACTIVE in 2014. To play the game the user must be over seventeen years old as mandated by the Apple terms and conditions. Graphically, there isn’t too much going on. There is a 2D representation of a roulette board, with the numbers towards the right of the screen, betting tokens and current winnings at the bottom, and wheel towards the left of the screen. There are only a few different colors used and it is all against a black background, making the whole game feel outdated.

Game Description

Roulette Mania Free features a few ads. There is no option to pay to turn them off but the player can make in-game purchases to buy credits. These options ranges from 1,000 credits for $0.99 to 30,000 credits for $19.99. The chance that the player will have to pay for credits is fairly low because the probability of them winning is much higher then other roulette games. Roulette Mania Free is a little lackluster in its game play.

The player chooses their bets by clicking on them and then clicking on what number or color they think will win. This can be hard to do because everything is so small, miss-clicks are very common. Next they will hit the blue spin button in the lower right hand side of their screen and the wheel will begin to move. The animation stutters and the audio quality is sub-standard. There is not movement from the camera, which is stuck looking at the board unless the player exits to the home screen or opens up the options menu. Winning rates are the same as most other roulette games with single number selects being the highest at 35:1 and black/red, odd/even, and number groups 1-18 and 19-36 are the lowest at 1:1.

Roulette Mania Free has only had one update since it was released onto the iTunes market for download. On Sep 12, 2014 the Chartboost software development kit was updated. Other than that there weren’t any major changes made to the game to make it easier or more enjoyable to play. The game also has a tendency to crash or close unexpectedly. It isn’t surprising that Roulette Mania Free doesn’t have many downloads or positive reviews. The players have rated the game a 1 out of 5.

Roulette Master Casino StyleRoulette Master – Casino Style Offers a Unique Style All Its Own

Play roulette that matches the feel of a casino without leaving the house in Roulette Master – Casino Style. Developed by Lucky Dollar Apps.

Visually stunning this game impresses with its graphics. Roulette Master features a beautifully crafted roulette wheel built into the betting table. This unique design helps make this game stand out from the competition.

Game Description

Nailing the sound is extremely important to help with the mood and feel of a game and Roulette Master does this in spades. Offering a unique music score as well as sound effects to really help make players feel like they are really in a casino.

While many roulette games come with only a single way to bet this game comes with over 20 ways to bet. Players deserve choice and the style in which they bet is an excellent way to fit each players different styles of play.

Placing bets has never been easier with a slick ui that can rival other roulette games. Simply place your tokens with a tap on the screen and hit spin. This game also features a repeat option to place the same bets placed previously to keep the game going.

Being forced to bet with a single size of token is not as much fun as having four different values players can bet with allowing for better control over a players balance. Simply select which type to use when placing bets.

Roulette Master also comes with Vegas style odds to offer the most realistic winning atmosphere. Players can use this to help learn which are the long odds and which are the better safer bets. Players will enjoy the proper play style and feel of a real roulette game.

For those that enjoy seeing how friends compare Roulette Master offers built in Game Center support. Simply login to your Game Center account to see scores between your friends.

Roulette Master is a free mobile game that also offers bonus coins every day. Simply load up the game to collect coins each day. There are also in app purchases and advertisements occasionally.

More Game Detail

There have been no recent updates to this game.

Roulette Master 3DRoulette Master 3D

Roulette Master 3D is a game created by AREASIXTYONE LLC that can be downloaded from the iTunes store for free. The game doesn’t have a specialized theme, it looks as if it is taking place in an actual casino. The pseudo 3D graphics are decent enough for a free game and implement the standard red, black, and green colors to represent the even, odd, and zero numbers respectively. In front of where the player is “sitting” they can see the whole roulette table, including the wheel and their betting chips.

Game Description

Roulette Master 3D follows the standard rules of roulette. The player can bet as many of their credits as they want to by selecting their credits and then placing them on the board. To roll the user just has to tap the “spin” icon in the lower right hand corner and the roulette wheel will begin to roll. They can pick a color, a number, even, odd, or a group of numbers to try and guess where the ball will land after it has been spun. Single numbers have a highest payout of 35:1, while groups of numbers like 1-12, 13-24, and 25-36 have a 2:1 payout.

The lowest amount a player can win is a 1:1 payout which is received when the colors black or red are chosen, even or odd are chosen, or the groups of numbers 1-18 and 19-36. Just like most betting game, the lower the chances the user has of landing on a specific number, the higher the reward. Each roll causes the camera angle to change and there are audio sounds for winning and losing. Roulette Master 3D has numerous in-game purchases including the ability to disable the near constant ads for $2.99, Cash Packs which can be 30,00 credits for $2.99, 10,00 credits for $1.99, or 5,000 credits for $0.99, and Mulligan Packs, 50 for $2.99 and 10 for $1.99.

Roulette Master 3D was released by AREASIXTYONE LLC in early 2014 and it had its seventh and most recent update on Oct 31, 2014. There weren’t any major changes but a few bugs and performance enhancements were made. A few users couldn’t open the application after they installed the newest update, but the general player base has been able to play unaffected. The game has has several positive reviews from its players. It has a current rating of 4.7 out of 5.

RouletteRoyale American Roulette WheelRoulette Royale – American Roulette Wheel

Las Vegas is one of the most exciting places on the planet. This wonderful city is filled with some of the most interesting sights and sounds that draw your eyes in, but one of the most exciting sights throughout all of Las Vegas is the Roulette table. The Roulette Table is an action packed place that is often surrounded by people looking to take in all of the excitement. Roulette is an extremely enjoyable game, but until recently people had to go all the way to Las Vegas in order to play the game. Now with the emergence of the smart phone there are many different apps that allow players to enjoy Roulette no matter where they are. Roulette Royale – American Roulette Wheel is one of the most popular Roulette apps on the market today, and the game features several extremely important features to keep players coming back for more.

Game Description

Roulette Royale – American Roulette Wheel was developed by Kittipol Chaiwattanapong for Apple devices. The app is available for free from the iTunes App Store, and the app runs on all Apple devices that are running iOS 8.1 or higher. The app has been optimized for iPhone 5, but it can be enjoyed on iPad and on the iPod Touch as well. Roulette Royale – American Roulette Wheel seeks to perfectly emulate the experience of playing Roulette in a Las Vegas casino. The game starts with a betting phase in which players can choose from a wide variety of different betting options. After all bets are placed the roulette wheel is put in spin, and depending on where the ball lands players either win or lose.

Roulette Royale – American Roulette Wheel includes several important features that are sure to keep players coming back for more. The game offers HD graphics that have been optimized for Apple’s Retina display. This means that the game will look absolutely stunning on any device. The game also features some extremely high quality audio features that immerse players in the experience. The game includes several in app purchases, but these purchases do enhance player enjoyment. Roulette Royale – American Roulette Wheel is a wonderful option for players that are looking to enjoy Roulette.
If you are looking for a high quality Roulette app, then you absolutely have to check out Roulette Royale – American Roulette Wheel. This app will keep you entertained no matter where you go.

Roulette RunRoulette Run

Roulette Run is an exciting and fast paced IOS application that stimulates the live game play of a casino roulette game. Designed by Hang 5, the app imitates the winning colors of a roulette game, utilizing statistics and pattern matching to assist the app user in beating the system. The basic steps in the game of roulette require players to place bets based on the numbers and colors on the roulette table. The numbers range from 1 to 36 and each number is labeled in either black or white. Once a player has placed their bet, the croupier will drop a ball onto a revolving wheel containing several numbered compartments.

Game Description

Roulette Run is a free game simply released on July 13, 2015. Users of the game must have an iOS or later installed on their device. The application can be used on an IPhone, IPod touch and iPad. The guidelines of the application are straight forwards. Prior to playing at a roulette table, the app user must set the guidelines for game. It is essential that the guidelines must be created prior to starting playing at the gaming table. If the guidelines are changed or set at the table, it may negatively impact the app user’s results. Once the user of the app is at the gaming table, they will wait until the conditions on the table match the app prior to taking action.

Roulette Run allows users to focus on outside bets based on the colors on the roulette table. The user of the app must consider the table color history and determine if they will bet on the same color or a different one.

The application does have room for expansion if the other betting methods are considered. In the standard game of roulette, there are two forms of bets that can be placed at a roulette table. The first type of bet is an inside bet. An inside bet focuses on betting based on the numbers on the roulette table. Choosing to bet only on one of the numbers will result in a larger reward. The more numbers a user bets on will result in decreasing the amount of cash a player can win. While the second method focuses on outside beds. Betting on outside bets, allows a player to bet based on color, even or odd numbers as well as columns. The application is limited to outside bets at this time. The creator of Roulette Run currently does not have any upgrades planned for the application.

Roulette Slots Match Three Free Gambling GamesRoulette Slots Match Three Free Gambling Games

There are a lot of games for users who want to have something for free or low priced. This is one of those great games. Users may be figuring out how to find it and what is so great about it.

The Developer for this game is Doron David. This developer is one who has several different games available for players to download. They have games in many different areas for players who want to have games that are fun, but that are also useable within the platform of Iphone and Ipad.

The theme for the game is a Roulette slot machine game that allows users to get the same fun of a Roulette game and a slot machine. The players will enjoy the look and feel of the game. They will also love the options available with the game that allows them to earn points within the game so they can add more to the game.

Game Description

There are many things about the app that help users to get the most out of the game and to earn more that will allow them to upgrade their experience within the game. They also will be able to change the feel of he game slightly with each level they get through. Players can have fun with the merge of he two games within the app. This makes it more fun to play and makes the game a little different than some of the others out there on the market today. The game is also free to play and only takes some room on your device to use. This makes it great to have and add to your game playing time.

There are a lot of games on the market at ITunes, but only a few are a s fun as this one. Players should really look at the different games if they want games that are not the same, but this one should be on the list of must haves. It’s a great game to play and will quickly take over your game time. You may also want to get other games from this same developer as well once you see how fun this one is.

Roulette Spin ClassicRoulette Spin Classic

Roulette Spin Classic is a gambling game that can be downloaded from the iTunes market for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch as long as it has the iOS 7.0 or later. This application is optimized for iPhone 5. Roulette Spin Classic was produced by Chatchai Nilahoot and released on Nov 13, 2014.

Game Description

Unlike some gambling game there doesn’t seem to be an age requirement to be able to play. The game utilizes a mixture of 2D and 3D graphics. When the player is making their bets the game is 2D with the roulette wheel on the left hand side, the betting board on the right, the user’s balance is located at the top and the user’s chips are located along the bottom. There aren’t too many colors but it still looks simple and clean. The 3D is implemented after the player makes their bet and hits the spin button.

Roulette Spin Classic’s game play is straightforward, either the player loses and has to by more credits or the player wins and can keep playing. The player is given a few credits to start out with and can place them where everything want on the roulette board. After their selection they will spin the wheel and watch the 3D roulette wheel spin and the ball to land on the winning item. Payouts are also straightforward and follow typical casino rules.

Single numbers have payout of 35:1 which is the highest in the game, while betting on groups of numbers like 1-12, 13-24, and 25-36 only have a 2:1 payout. Winning after choosing one of the two colors, even or odd, or the number groups 1-18 and 19-36 has the lowest payout of 1:1. Off course the higher the winnings the lower the chance is of rolling it. Roulette Spin Classic does show ads, but they are sparse. The game also offers the ability to buy extra credits which cost $0.99, $1.99, $2.99 for 1,000, 3,000, and 6,000 credits respectively.

Roulette Spin Classic only has a few reviews but they are all positive. It hasn’t had any updates since its launch over a year ago. There haven’t been any reports of major problems, and until something happens there shouldn’t be any need for an app update. There have been a few instances of games closing, but the player’s balance was never affected and once the app was opened everything was where they had left off.

Roulette Pro 3Roulette Pro 3.0 by Fausto Riccardo

Fortunately, the web has brought so many possibilities to the table such as a chance to play favorite video games using apps.If you are looking for some fun way to use your iPad and love roulette, there is a chance for you to play it online. You owe this ability to Fausto Riccardo Decina who jumped at the chance to create an online version of the game that dates back so many centuries.

Game Description

When players click on the numbers drawn one receives a warning when their choice combination reaches a considerable delay. Earlier Roulette versions by Riccardo like Roulette Pro Lite only warned for red, black, passe and maque while the paid for version warns when established delay is almost over for sextuplets, dozens, orphans, near zero and many more. The app does not determine when one enters into play but it can certainly help with three levels of roulette risk. Roulette Pro 3.0 is much advanced than Lite and it is available on iTunes for only 20.99 dollars but there are some free versions of the app. It is a refreshing change for those who want to derive more entertainment from their favourite online game of roulette.

The developer is always working on ways to improve his app on the statistical game of roulette to increase its value to the player. It is no doubt great to play on roulette online because it ensures that you never miss out on the best chances. The newest feature on Roulette Pro version 3.0 is the fact that ‘Rogue’ and Noir are configured as the real roulette.

This version was updated on 5th December 2013 and occupies 23.2MB on your device which is larger than the Lite version which is only 9.6MB but that is only because it has so much to offer any roulette fan. As you enjoy this wonderful game, don’t forget to keep checking for updates to the app that will let you play like a real Roulette Pro. There is certainly much more that Fausto Riccardo has to offer but in the meantime, let us enjoy the exceptional Roulette Pro to the fullest.

Roulette StatsRoulette Stats

Roulette is an extremely exciting game, which seems to function on just chance. While for years people have believed that the game is just random, some studies have confirmed that roulette wheels usually favor some numbers. This happens just because it is difficult to create a wheel that is 100% fair. Based on the knowledge that a roulette wheel may favor certain results, many people have attempted to design a way of benefiting from this app. One of the best ways to capitalize on the potential for an unfair wheel is to use a stat tracking tool, such as Roulette Stats. Roulette Stats is an extremely useful app that tracks the statistics from your Roulette table.

Game Description

Roulette Stats was designed by Fair Play Casino. Fair Play Casino has designed many different casino apps that have allowed players to gain a major advantage at the casino. This app is available for free from the iTunes App Store. The game is currently only available in Dutch. The game does work on any iOS device that runs on iOS 4.0 or higher. The app works very simply. The game features a full Roulette board, and you can track the bets that you have placed over your history at the Roulette table. The app also allows players to track the outcomes from the wheel. The smart player will be able to use these stats to advise their plays on the Roulette Board.

Roulette Stats has several important features that will make the app a necessity for any gambler. One of the best features that this app offers is the fact that the app is completely portable. Unlike many Roulette Stat trackers, which take the form of extremely large notebooks, this stat tracker will fit in the comfort of your own home. Users are sure to enjoy the portability of this app. The app is also extremely easy to use. Players are sure to enjoy the fact that all you need to do to navigate the app is to touch the right spots on the board to record your stats. Overall, Roulette Stats is a full featured Roulette Stat Tracker.

Roulette Stats is on of the most important apps for those that are looking to win big at the casino. With the Stats tracked on this tool, you will be able to really increase your winnings at the Roulette Table. Check out this high quality app today.

Roulette StrategyRoulette Strategy App

If you want to take your roulette game to the next level and start making some real cash, then this is the app for you. Developed by Pierre Braneus, this is an app that is designed to help better your win rate in roulette and help you determine how to bet and when to bet big or small. It works by offering a roulette simulation that players can use to practice their strategies, determining if it works or not without having to gamble real money. It is exclusively available in the iTunes store, being downloadable on iPhones, iPods, and iPads. It was released in May of 2014 and is currently available under version 1.0.

Game Description

This is a pay to use app, with only an upfront cost. The cost is $1.99 for unlimited use. Using a roulette simulation, you can play the game with fake money to determine if your strategies work before actually trying it out with real money. Using programmed algorithms, the program helps determine when you should bet high or low. The programmed algorithms also allows the program to help you determine how you should bet. Teaches new players the fundamentals of roulette so that they can pick up the game quickly. Compatible on all Apple devices that can download apps. It has a 100% success rate guaranteed when using the app’s strategy.

More Game Details

Roulette is a gambling game in which players must place a wager, and then will have that wager earn up to 36 times the original bet. Players can bet on single numbers, winning 36 times their bet if they win the gamble and the roulette ball happens to land on that number. There are many other ways to win, such as betting on odd or even, betting on a specific color, betting on rows, better on corners of four numbers, and much more. The only disadvantage the player has is that there is a 0 that doesn’t fall under any of the categories unless a player specifically bets on 0. Using correct strategy, such as the strategy in this roulette app, helps players overcome this disadvantage and win money at the casino. Knowing when to bet high or low and betting on certain numbers at the right time is the name of the game, and learning how to do that can be hard. Luckily, with this app you’ll have all of that information at your fingertips!

Roulette StyleRoulette Style New Season – Las Vegas

Games for Iphones are fun and easy to get, but picking the right one is a struggle sometimes. Players need to know they are going to be happy with the game of their choosing.

The developer of this game is Mychaylo gerus-loukiachtchenko. This developer is one who has created many games for the Iphone and Ipad. These games are not always in the casino area. Some are more adventure and some are more for players who are not interested in traditional games. Players will need to look at what they want to play and choose the one best suited for them.

Game Description

The theme of the game is a casino in Las Vegas. It’s fun for most players and for those who want to experience the fun of a casino on their phone or tablet. These games are good for those who want to play on their phones for long periods of time. The game gives a feeling of being within a casino for adults and makes it fun. The game also allows users to upgrade their experience within the game.


The app is designed with a clean look that allows users to play it without worrying they are not going to understand the game. They don’t have to worry about flashy colors or parts of the app being too over the top. They also have the opportunity to earn points to help them advance in the game and have higher payouts. While the game doesn’t offer cash, it does give the players more to bet with inside the game. The cost of the app is free, but the fun will make players feel like they are getting paid out a fortune.

This game is great fun for all that want to add it to their phone. If they want to have a fun experience of being in a casino, this is a wonderful way to do it. Players will also enjoy the fun of playing this game while they are waiting in the DR office or at lunch, turning their break into a fun trip to the casino.

Roulette Table CasinoRoulette Table Casino

The Roulette Table Casino is an incredibly interesting computer-based game that is available for purchase from the Apple iTunes store. The app, which was developed by Kullapath Nillahuth, strongly stimulates the excitement that many gaming enthusiasts feel when they are at the Roulette table at such fabulous casinos as the ones found in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and on gaming reservations and the Colorado mountains of Cripple Creek.

Game Description

Naturally, you cannot always visit these places because sometimes the funding for the travel is lacking in your budget. However, with the iTunes app store, you can enjoy a stimulated gaming Roulette experience any time that you want. Here is some more information about the gaming app developed by Kullapath Nillahuth:

1. The game is compatible with a variety of systems.

The Roulette Table Casino game has the ability to be utilized with a variety of systems, including the iPhone and iPad. At a size of 18.9 MB, the app will not take up a large amount of space as well. Users of the iPod touch and the iPhone 5 will also find themselves to be easily able to enjoy this great Roulette table app.

2. The game has some great graphics.

Those who enjoy the genre of simulated gambling know that sometimes the games can be a hit-or-miss proposition when it comes to graphics. However, one of the things that sets a game apart from the rest is when it comes with great graphics and a 3D visual effect. The Roulette Table Casino has a lot to offer the gamer because it feels extremely realistic and this is what helps set it apart from other gaming app options.

3. Kullapath Nillahuth is a pioneer in the field of gaming app development.

To coin a popular phrase, this isn’t Kullapath Nillahuth’s “first rodeo” when it comes to the field of iTunes gaming app development. He has made a name for himself with his inviting and unique titles, including such offerings as “Easter Bingo Match View”, “Yatzy Addict Deluxe”, “Yatzy World Game” and “Easy Slot Casino”. Nillahuth has even copyrighted his work, calling it “App4Play” in order to help people determine if an app has been developed by him or not.

While this great app will not duplicate the real life action one would feel in a live casino environment, the great graphics and game play of the Roulette Table Casino will go to great pains to duplicate the experience as much as possible.

Roulette TableRoulette Table!

Michelle Ballard is the developer on this game and has many other games for free and for low cost. They don’t just have casino related games, they also have other types of games for players to experience. These games can be anything from a first person type of game to a game where the player is experiencing the levels like it was their first time playing even after hours of playing the games.

Game Description

The theme of the game is like a casino which makes it more awesome for those who like to pretend they are in a casino or want that feel. The game board is clean and great for those who want to play more seriously. This way they can play longer and earn more points.

The app is clean and fun. The player can earn points in order to advance within the game and to make it more fun. They also will have a great time playing the app on their tablet. The app looks better on the tablet and most tablets are bigger than a phone for the best look. The tablet is going to help those who can’t see as well with the game too. This is wonderful for those who want to play this kind of game, but don’t have the vision to be playing on a phone.

There are a lot of people who want to have a great game for free. This game is going to be one of the best ones for a tablet and players who want to play on it. There are a ton of games that people may want to play. There are lots of games, but this one is one of those that players can count on to keep the entertainment coming. Players will see the fun and want to keep playing for hours.

Roulette The Lucky Wheel of 2014Roulette the Lucky Wheel of 2014 Review

While there are many roulette games out there for iOS many fail to live up to the hype and provide you with a refreshing roulette experience that you’re looking for. This game, Roulette the Lucky Wheel of 2014, developed by Nicolò Consonni, may have a strange name, but it has the right features and fun factor to keep players interested. The presentation itself stands out as well, the title screen featuring an attractive blond in a red dress and a glimpse of the roulette wheel itself.

Game Description

The game screen is similarly well done with crisp clear graphics in HD to ensure that players like what they’re looking at as you play. The game screen consists of two main sections: the wheel itself, and the betting board. People play the app same way they would normally play roulette, by placing your bets on the betting board, betting on either color, number, odds, evens, or some combination of these factors.

It may sound complicated but the game screen keeps track of all the important information such as the player’s chips, bonuses, total bet, winnings, and total balance. You can also click the home screen to exit out and use the spin/refresh buttons as needed.

App Features

Roulette the Lucky Wheel of 2014 has two main features that roulette players will be sure to enjoy. The first is the fact that the game is in HD for iPad Retina and iPhone Retina Display. This gives players a clear, crisp image of the game screen which looks amazing.

The second major features is the high-quality audio effects which work to bring the player into the game. It goes without saying that this is something that many developers tend to overlook but luckily, Nicolò Consonni, made sure that this games sounds as good as it looks.

Game Details

Having developed over 30 apps, it is no surprise that this offering from Nicolò Consonni lives up to player’s high expectations. While there are many roulette games out there, this one delivers the action in style while looking and sounding like a million bucks. It should be mentioned that this game can be downloaded for the iPhone or iPad, though neither version is significantly different than the other. Both are available in the iTunes store of course and a quick download will have players enjoying the thrill of Roulette the Lucky Wheel Of 2014 in no time.

Roulette ThrillRoulette Thrill

Roulette Thrill- The Best American and European 3D Royal Table is one of the more comprehensive roulette games available for free on iTunes. It was created by Nita Marian, a development house that is noted for being very good at adding versions in multiple languages.

Game Description

As many experienced players know, there is more than one version of roulette available when you go to casinos. If you are in Las Vegas, you will find a ’00’ and a ‘0’ present among the wheel numbers. Both of those numbers belong to the house. In France and other European countries, there is just one house number, ‘0’. Both versions have 36 numbers that have an equal chance for the ball that has been spun around the wheel to find.

Although the name of this particular version is Roulette Thrill- The Best American and European 3D Royal Table, the actual application features Las Vegas style roulette. Gameplay starts with users creating an account and getting chips from the bank. They are then given the opportunity to start betting in a variety of different ways.

They can choose to split the numbers by choosing odd-even or red or black. In those scenarios, they will have a lower payout because there is almost a 50 percent chance that they will win. They can also choose to bet using a feature called max bets, which allows players to set the maximum amount allowed for each hand.

For those that choose to play each day, there are daily rewards which can accrue to players each time the wheel is spun and a reward is won. They can also track their status on the leaderboard, which records top all-time scores and constantly updates them.

Roulette Thrill is free to download from iTunes.

Additional Features:

Roulette Thrill is fairly popular. One of the reasons, beyond the solid gameplay is that the developers chose to make the product available in tens of languages. So whether you want to play roulette in Greek, Vietnamese, or Norwegian, it is very possible to do so with Roulette Thrill.

The game is rated as something that is appropriate for those that are 12 years old or older.

It appears that future development will be continued by Dakina Games as part of an agreement with Nita Marian. They are certainly available to support Roulette Thrill as an application.

Roulette ThrillRoulette Thrill Rush

Playing roulette on your phone is made easy, simple and thrilling in an app called Roulette Thrill Rush. Many other casino apps disappoints but Roulette Thrill Rush puts you right in front of the game and gives you the feeling that you are in the casino and feeling that rush.

Game Description

Upon entering the app you see a main menu that shows six different options including playing a free game or viewing the leader board among others. Once you click play, the fun really begins. The main screen shows both the beautiful board and the roulette wheel that is ready to spin once the bet is placed. This is the screen that really makes the user interface playable and functional. The reason for this is that you can zoom in on specific areas of the felt board so that you can see exactly which bets have been placed where. The board and wheel both pop off of the screen and you can really see why there is a feel that you are really in the casino.

The bottom portion of your screen is full of the current balance and display of your current chips. This is a little bit obscure until you click on the chips or current balance and attempt to buy more chips. At this point, a pop up shows up and you are given a range of options that show the cost of coins. This coins price pop-up is a great functional and easy way to get more purchasing power within the game. The actual game play matches matches the excitement playing the actual game and the chops are taken and given without any time or effort. This automatic result speeds up the game play and keeps the game player engaged.

Other Game Detail

The already user friendly interface is constantly being worked on by the app developer and the app is planned to be updated with the most recent version of itunes and the operating systems of both apple and android. This ensures that the stellar game play will go undisturbed and in fact get better over the medium to long term.

Roulette TimeRoulette Time

There are many different Roulette simulators on the market today, so players are always able to find the rush of Roulette on their phone. The biggest problem for a Roulette player today, is determining which games are the best for them. With the huge diversity of Roulette apps available today, it might appear to be difficult to determine which game you should be playing. One of the best possible apps for those that love Roulette is Roulette Time. This app is a well-designed Roulette app that has several important features that players are looking for in their Roulette app.

Game Description

Roulette Time was designed by Raj Kumar, who has produced several important casino apps in the past. The app is available for free from the iTunes App Store. The game runs on any iOS device that is running on iOS 4.3 or higher. The app has currently been optimized to run on iPhone 5. The game operates on the same rules as traditional Roulette.

Players start the game by placing their bets at the table. Players can bet on a single number for an extremely large payout, or they can place a more conservative bet and try to rack up wins over time. Either way, once all bets have been placed, the Roulette wheel goes into spin. Depending on how the roll of the wheel turns out players will either win or lose. At the end of each round payouts are distributed, and then players prepare for the next round of betting. Overall Roulette Time perfectly simulates the experience of playing Roulette.

Roulette Time has several features that make the game a popular option for those that are looking for a full Roulette experience. One of the best features of Roulette Time is the ease of use. Roulette Time relies on a rather intuitive system in order to ensure that players are enjoying the game. The game does not deviate from the traditional rules of Roulette, so if you have played Roulette before you can jump right in. Roulette Time also features extremely impressive graphics, as players can watch the wheel spin after each round of betting. The sounds also help immerse the player in the Roulette experience. Players are sure to enjoy playing Roulette Time, and enjoying the many wonderful features that this game has to offer.

If you are looking for a high quality Roulette simulator, then you absolutely have to check out Roulette Time.

Roulette Top Table Roulette Top Table

Roulette Top Table was released by Chatchai Nilahoot in December of 2014. The creators of Roulette Top Table bring the thrill of the casino to your device. The graphics in the game are in three dimensions in order to foster a more lifelike experience for the gamer. The colors are bright and engaging and also resemble a real world casino game. The user engages their tactile senses by using their touch screen in order to interact with the game pieces. The intentionally realistic aspects of this game reflect in the rules.

This game is based on luck just like it is in real life. The user participates in the game by placing a bet. In order to do this the consumer must predict where they think the ball is going to land. They spin their bet once they make a determination. If they pick the right slot they receive a payoff. If they don’t they’re out of luck. This is meant to simulate the exciting and uncertain energy of a casino game.

Game Description

Roulette Top Table is available for the iPad, iPad Touch, and the iPhone. The game works best for the iPhone 5. Roulette Top Table is rated 12 and over because of the adult nature of gambling.

The application is free in the App store. This is good news if the user is looking for a high energy game for little or no price.

Roulette Top Table features ads throughout the game. Users have complained about this aspect of the application in the past. If a person can regard the ads like commercials this should not be a huge problem. This can even be a bonus for avid consumers because it is a perfect time to get updated on new products.

This game is ideal for those who enjoy playing games by themselves. There is not a multiplayer option in Roulette Top Table. This means that they won’t have to deal with people hounding them for a match or a rematch. Play time starts and tends with the user at their leisure.

More Details about the Roulette Top Table App

The creators of Roulette Table Top seem to understand the importance of keeping good communication with their users. They’re quite open to suggestions. They even have a support forum for users! There have not been many reviews on the application thus far.

Roulette Tracker FreeRoulette Tracker Free

Players can track the numbers that have been hit of missed in any bet using Roulette Tracker. They guide players and track percentage of columns, numbers and dozens hit during the game. There is no need using paper and pen for tracking. This app is used to aid players to analyze previous results from their betting.

Game Description

The app will enable players to know the numbers where the ball has landed. Also, it will show the total occurrences of the outside predictions. The information on the outcome of each number on the roulette wheel is shown on a graph with a distinction between odd and even numbers. It is an electronic version of roulette scoreboard with capacity to analyze results for the players. It doesn’t predict the results for players but they should analyze these results and apply their tactics when placing their bets.

The app will enable players manage their bets, increase the profits and learn to be more consistent. Roulette Tracker is a tool for recording those numbers where the ball has landed when playing online European Roulette. The frequency order schedule reveals the numbers in the order they have been hit. The order will start from number 18 which has the highest frequency up to the number with lowest frequency which is number 17 and highlight them with yellow color.
The Counter Grid tiles shows how many times a number or some numbers in a group has been hit. It will reveal the number of spins that a player has played and the numbers associated with it. The tracker will also show the game history in which each number is recorded. Also, Roulette Tracker will show the risk level during betting. When the risk level is high, there will be more frequent opportunities while the lower the risk level the frequent will be less. When the risk level is low, it implies more bets and cheaper ways to recover.

More Game Detail

A player will use the Stake Calculator to help and manage his betting. It will be possible to calculate the stake needed in order to achieve the required gain while considering previous losses. When betting on dozen-block it is simple and effective staking means to use on Roulette Tracker. When there is a loss pending during a dozen-block, a player should place two separate bets at the same time.

Roulette Ultimate CasinoRoulette Ultimate Casino

Roulette Ultimate Casino is a new application from Kullapath Nillahuth, a prolific developer of games of chance and skill for the iPad and the iPhone. A classic implementation of roulette, it allows players to experience non-stop casino action from their Apple smartphone or tablet.

Game Description

Roulette is a very popular casino game. The application is faithful to the European style and rules. There are 36 numbers around a wheel. A ball is spun on the wheel and as it loses momentum, it drops into one of the number’s slots. There is also one 0 that represents a number that belongs to the ‘house’. If you spin the wheel and that number is the number that the ball lands on, then the house completely wins- unless that is the prediction that you made with your bet.

Game play involves setting up your account and your friends’ accounts so that you can play. You can choose names and decide the amount of money that each person will start with. To start play, just choose the numbers that you predict that the ball will land on when it is done spinning. You may then spin the wheel and see what your results are. Roulette Ultimate Casino is an application that costs money to download.

More Features:

One of the reasons that Roulette Ultimate Casino is a popular download is that people doing the betting have the right to bet several different ways. You can choose to bet red or black or odd or even in addition to betting against the house directly. When you bet on red or black and spin the wheel, if you win, you winnings will be less than if you had the ball drop onto your number. The same is true with betting odd or even. There will be more winners because the odds are high that you will win. If you select the odd or even button, your winnings will be lower than they would be if you chose the number that had the ball drop into its slot.

The application is available in English only and requires you to be older than 12 years old in order to purchase and download it.

Roulette VIPRoulette VIP – Free Casino Game

if you have never heard of the term retina graphics, then this game will introduce you. It is the latest cutting edge 3D graphics for mobile apps. Ellisapps Inc. developed their American version with this technology along with features that deliver a real casino experience. Roulette VIP offers a display with rich colors that lay out the wheel and table on one screen. They follow this with close up screens for the table and the lobby. The deep muted tones of gold and brown add to the luxurious appeal of the game. The bottom line is you will keep coming back for more of the music and dealer voice that follows the entire game.

Game Description

To make this an even better app, there is no charge to get it. Simply download the software and within minutes you are inside the virtual casino taking part in the action. In-app purchases for chips run the gamut with choices such as a starter stack for 500 chips at 99¢, or try on the big stack with 20,000 chips for $14.99. If a stack is not enough, consider the case option instead with one containing 100,000 for $24.99. For fans who will be returning on a regular basis, there is a lifetime chip purchase for $99.99. It will be hard to find this feature anywhere in the roulette app world. Advertisements will pop-up; however, another in-app purchase can disable them as long as you play the game for $1.99.

The VIP screen has a female concierge that will assist you with the help or options icons that leads to roulette game information. This can include the types of bets or the tutorial for this exciting app. In this section, players can also purchase chips or start the game action. The lobby screen displays the player’s balance with arrows that slide effortlessly between each chip by color or denomination. A re-bet feature allows the player to keep the game moving without placing a new wager.

More Game Detail

The game has been around since version 1.0 was released on January 18, 2013. After this time, several upgrades have been implemented for a variety of issues with the last one hitting the scene on September 14, 2014. They include more options for in-app chip purchase and increasing the file size to accommodate optimized play. An auto rotate feature heightens the interface option. Additionally, support features were put in place for several of the languages used including Chinese and Portuguese.

Roulette WheelRoulette Wheel

Roulette is an extremely exciting and enjoyable game for those that love to gamble. In Roulette it appears that anything can happen and players hinge on every single spin of the wheel. Until recently, you had to go to a casino in order to enjoy the excitement of Roulette, but with the emergence of the smart phone, many apps have been able to capture some of the magic that Roulette gives the player. One of the apps that captures this excitement is Roulette Wheel.

Game Description

Roulette Wheel was designed by Maui Media Lab. This company has been known for producing high quality apps for many years. The game is available in the iTunes App Store for 99 cents. This app can run on any iOS device with iOS 3.0 or higher. This high quality app is meant to emulate the experience of spinning a roulette wheel. The app is extremely easy to run. To run the app you simply click on the wheel, and put the roulette wheel in motion. If you are looking to host a Roulette game at your home, or basically anywhere, then you can use this app to help you do it. All you need to create an in home roulette game with this app, is a Roulette board.

Roulette Wheel has several important features that allow the player to more fully enjoy their app. One of the best features that Roulette has to offer is the simplicity of the app. All users need to be able to do to use the app is to touch the wheel. While other apps may require you to click through a complicated interface, Roulette Wheel makes it very simple to use the app.

Another high quality feature that the Roulette Wheel has to offer is the graphics in the app. Players will love watching the wheel going into spin and following the ball as it travels around the board. Another amazing feature of this app is the fact that the app is completely portable, meaning that you can set up a roulette game anywhere. Overall, Roulette Wheel is a full featured app that is sure to draw in many different types of player.
If you are looking for an app that will allow you to bring the excitement of Roulette to your home, then you absolutely have to check out Roulette Wheel. This wonderful app will keep you and your friends amused for hours.

Roulette Wheelin WatchRoulette Wheel in Watch

This app is called Roulette Wheel, and is specifically designed to be played on the Apple Watch. The main goal of the app is to improve user’s skills with roulette and allow them to try out new strategies without having to gamble real money. It offers a roulette simulation in which players play a real roulette game, except for the money. The money players use is fake, so that you don’t have to gamble real cash when trying out your new strategies.

Game Description

There are two main options with the app. You can either play or get help. The play button will start the simulation and set you at a starting balance, while the help button will offer you assistance and advice with roulette as well as help with using the app itself. Once you start the game, you will be given the standard options for betting on a roulette table with an option board. These options are picks such as red or black, first twelve numbers, odd or even, etc.

You can also bet on individual numbers if you choose, which payout the standard times 36 of your wager. After each round, you’re given the option to play again to just replay your same bet or you can hit the “change bet” option to alter the amount you wager before starting the next round. Players are given a fairly large starting balance with the goal of players being able to handle the downswing of their bets, meaning that they can come back from a series of losses. This is how it goes in real roulette and is a good system for the simulation. You’ll actually get to see the ball spinning on the roulette wheel, making it feel just like a real game!

More Game Detail

The game is currently in the 1.0 version of it’s development, so there haven’t been any updates yet but you can expect some in the near future. It was recently released in June of 2015 by Ankit Moradiya, and is rated for buyers twelve and above due to the gambling aspect of the app. It currently goes for $0.99, which is really cheap and well worth the price. The app is developed for the Apple Watch, but it is also compatible on iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches. It currently takes up 13.9 megabytes of space. It’s a nice roulette simulation game for a cheap price and low memory space.

Roulette Wheel Table GamesRoulette Wheel Table Games

This game has smooth graphics without any real 3D effect. For a gaming experience that is simple with neat lines, look no further. Colors are very bold with an attention to detail to make up for the lack of cutting edge graphics and animation. The download is quick and takes minutes before you are introduced to the classic game of roulette. There are some bells and whistles such as a variety of Las Vegas casino tables. Players new to the game will enjoy this special little version where they can learn the bets and rules. Experienced ones can take advantage of the opportunity to learn new strategies. The developer McLegacy LLC introduced this app on June 11, 2014 with a rating for players over the age of 12.

Game Description

There is no charge to get this game app. It comes with in-app purchases for extra coins. The pricing starts at 99¢ for 1,000 or purchase 30,000 for $19.99. Chips used to place a wager are in the amounts of one to one hundred dollars. The simple display has only nine items on the bottom of the play screen. A couple of them include the four types of chips and player’s current balance. The spin button is the largest and is situated between the clear and repeat icons. There will also be advertisements in the form of pop-ups as the game progresses.

A leader board feature keeps track of your scores compared with others using the app. The family sharing feature will add to the leader board option with friendly competitions. A female companion wearing black and holding a drink is by your side during the action. There is a window with the current bet located next to the bar with all the winning numbers called during the game. A pause icon is at the top left and allows the player to stop the action at any time for any reason. The game offers a max bet icon that is next to the buy icon for convenience.

More Game Detail

There has only been one new version added since the app was introduced. It was implemented on June 27, 2014, to correct issues with app bugs. Devices will need 48.2 MB of available space to download the software for versions iOS 6 and newer. Compatibility is available in English for all iPads, iPhones, and touch iPod models. Optimized functions can be engaged on the 5 series iPhone.

Roulette WinRoulette Win

In Roulette, the croupier is the in charge of spinning the ball, and you wait and see if you will win. Chances of you winning or losing have a probability of half in a single spin. You can find yourself spinning for a very long time before you finally get the winning spin. However, this has now been made easier by the development of a wonderful game app known as Roulette Win. You can be bale to use this app in monitoring and studying the trends in Roulette for you to win within no time. You have the power to compare various games and get to know what the winning ways of each game are. You also get to estimate the time series of each game.

Game Description

Roulette Win has incredible graphics that make it enjoyable to use. This app gives you the ability to predict the future of the game. You can be able to set Roulette Win so as to get a particular assessment of a certain dealer, the table used and the casino used. It will be able to record the whole sessions of the game and be able to come up with a complete analysis. The analysis gives you the winning sequences, tables, and the most reliable dealers. You are able to analyze how Roulette games at the comfort of your home. You can also share the information with other like-minded friends and come up with winning statistics. However, it is advisable that you do not give two or more games a similar name. These will make the app confused, and thus you will not get the required information.

More Game Detail

Roulette Win is easy to download and user-friendly. You are given the steps to follow when you want to analyze a game. The instructions are usually very clear b and easy to understand. The game is advanced in a way that it updates all the games you analyze automatically. It does this by using colors that have explicit meanings given when you start the analysis. It also offers you with a number of strategies to use if you want Roulette Win to give you accurate and more reliable information.

Roulette World HDRoulette World HD

Looking for a fun game with bonuses of free spins and chips? This app will surely fit the bill. Based on the American Roulette model, it is perfect for beginners as the chip denominations are small. The displays have the feel of a casual environment. For example, the spare chips are spread loosely across the top of the play screen mixed together in a pile. To add to this aspect, the icon buttons are large as well as the table having oversized numbers and writing. Three 3D and bright colors make this a fun ride. Global IT Services Co, LTD. is the creative mastermind behind this simple app. Any player above the age of 12 with an Apple device can indulge.

Game Description

This is an HD game interface that adds to the seamless spinning action. The download is simple and free with no need for creating an account. To engage players, there are bonuses with free chips and money added randomly to the balance. One of the bonuses is a 35 times multiplier to place on 11 types of bets. The chip denominations start at $1 and climb to $25. This feature keeps the wagering simple for the younger crowd. The display icons with balance, bet, win, and spin are in the same model as a slots game. They are located at the bottom of the screen. A history screen with information such as scores and last bet made is maintained for the next visit.

All the readouts are large, which add to the eye ease of the game layout. There is a clear and repeat button to make it simple to start a new game or clear a bet before the next spin. Although, the extra chips are loosely displayed at the top of the screen, the play chips are neatly stacked on the right hand side. The roulette wheel stands out nicely with a black backdrop that fills the entire device screen. In-game advertising will be found during play. There is no feature to disable them.

More Game Detail

There have been two versions since its introduction including January 18, 2011 and March 11, 2011. The update was to enhance performance, fix software errors, and graphics. The storage size necessary for download is a small 15.4 MB. It is compatible on all marketed Apple devices with iOS 4.0 and older. No new version from the developer is expected at this time. Family sharing is another feature of this app. This game can be played in Chinese and English.

Roulette XpressRoulette Xpress

Developer Paul Sangor has offered a roulette gaming experience that is simple and quick. Hence the name xpress was born. However, there are loads of big features including bonus mini-games and player conveniences such as stats. The 3D graphics and animation are bolstered by bold color schemes and music. The xpress factor is incorporated with a timer feature that heightens the excitement with a beat the buzzer appeal. This app will have grown ups giddy and players beginning at 12 feeling awfully mature.

Game Description

To make this an even better option, it is a free app. There are no in-app purchases. However, there are ads within the game play. But, this is a minor flaw with the bonuses featured to make up for this disadvantage. The game will randomly add odds with up to five times a wager possible. The mini games start with picking an ace with odds of one to two. Or, try picking the winning cup and ball with a one to three odd. The variety continues with a two headed coin toss with the spin worth odds of one to four. One last game is an animated and colorful horse race with the largest odds of all at one to five.

Players will be allowed to access the settings to change the table background color. Other adjustments such as changing the time on the spin clock and turning off the sound give more player control. This can be found on a separate screen with large, clear icons. The stats feature is also on a dedicated page that can reset the information by holding the icon down for three seconds. The chips come in denominations starting with $10 to $5,000. Each has their own color to alleviate any confusion. Once a bet is waged, the chip will be highlighted with a yellow box. For more assistance, players can click a help icon found on every page near the bottom of the screen.

More Game Detail

This app was initially launched on November 22, 2011, and has one updated version dated December 1, 2011. It was to correct issues dealing with app crashes. Just like the name the amount of space is an express feature only requiring 4.9 MB. Players that own an Apple device with the iOS of 4.3 and older can have fun with this great little app. Family sharing and the English language are included for gaming convenience.

Roulette City BlitzRoulette City Blitz!

Roulette City Blitz is a gaming application created by Kriscia Lauren Co. It was released recently in February of 2015. Interested users can purchase Roulette City bliss for $2.99 on the iTunes store.

This game is designed to simulate an actual Las Vegas roulette game. It is user friendly and interactive. Roulette City Blitz boasts that their betting odds are similar to the odds found in Nevada. They also say that their game is the best roulette application around.

Let’s see if their features live up to their high standards!

Game Description

Roulette City Blitz is compatible with both the iPad and the iPhone. Gamers can also play Roulette City Blitz on their iPod Touch. Use the iPhone 5 for the best user experience.

This application is certainly not designed for children. Only users 12 and older can play Roulette City Blitz. This is because of the obviously mature aspect of gambling at a casino.

Roulette City Blitz has tons of realistic features. Users play their game on lifelike betting tables they could only find in Las Vegas. They also experience a fun and friendly casino vibe without losing any money! There is a leaderboard for those who enjoy the thrill of competition. People who like high stakes will be quite pleased to know that they can bet the maximum amount in Roulette City Blitz.

Another great aspect of Roulette City Blitz is that there are no intrusive advertisements. This might be worth the money for people who are not keen on seeing new products when they are playing.

More Game Details

The creators of the game describe the app as a good way to sharpen their actual gambling skills. They also say it’s a simple and fun way to take up some free time. If users are willing to take a gamble and pay $2.99 they might just find the perfect escape from boredom.

The company itself appears to be reputable and knowledgeable. Kriscia Lauren Co has created many applications in the past. This shows that they likely have the experience it takes to optimize their games for a great consumer experience. Many of their applications are casino games which would also indicate that they know what they’re doing!

Come and find out for yourself! Take a chance and play Roulette City Blitz!

RouletteProLiteRoulette Pro Lite

Roulette is one of the world’s most exciting games in the world. The game presents players with a great deal of action, as well as great opportunity to win big at the table. For years, players have sought a strategy that would allow them to be successful at the Roulette table. While the game has made many people extremely rich, it has also caused many people to leave the table in frustration. With the emergence of the smart phone many apps have offered to help players win the game. There are a wide variety of different apps on the market today, but one of the best Roulette Strategy apps is Roulette Pro Lite.

Game Description

Roulette Pro Lite was designed by Fausto Riccardo Decina. The game is completely free, and is available in the iTunes App Store. The game will run on any Apple device that is running iOS 5.1. The app includes several different in game purchases, which add new and different rules. Roulette Pro Lite is designed to advise players as to how they should bet in the game. The game asks player what their acceptable risk level is. Players that want to play conservative can make safer bets, but if you want to win big, you can raise your risk level.

The app will track what numbers have come up on the board. As you continue to play Roulette Pro Lite will give you better and better advice on how you should play.

Roulette Pro Lite has several important features that are sure to appeal to users. One of the most important features is the fact that the app can be carried in your hand. Many Roulette playing guides cannot be carried with you to the Casino, making them basically useless to the novice player. This app is extremely easy to transport, so you can always have it with you. Another important feature of this app is the fact that the app is extremely easy to understand. The app is intuitive to use, so you can start playing roulette right out of the box. Overall, the app is extremely well designed, and players are sure to enjoy using it.

If you are looking for help when you are at the Roulette table, then you absolutely have to check out Roulette Pro Lite. This high quality app is sure to improve your skills at the Roulette table, as well as your winnings.

RouletteRakeHDRoulette Rake HD

Roulette Rake HD is an elegant and efficient tool they can use to beat the odds and possibly win a bet! Users looking to improve their roulette game should look no further.

Game Description

Roulette Rake HD is an application created by Navtech Software. This application was released a few years ago in September of 2012. It is available for users to purchase in the iTunes store.

The user oriented application serves as the ultimate betting guide for avid roulette players. They can place the winning roulette numbers in the application. Roulette Rake HD uses a sophisticated sequence tracker in order to help them increase the odds of winning their bet. Users who are ready to take their roulette game to the next level will certainly find this to be a very useful tool.

App Features

This application is only compatible with the iPad. Users can purchase this valuable application for $6.99. Because gambling is adult oriented, only people 12 and over can use Roulette Rake HD. It’s been updated in version 1.3 to be compatible with iOS6. There are both United States and European options in Roulette Rake HD.

The layout is in two dimensions for fewer distractions and easier view-ability. This simple design helps users focus on winning their bets. The large screen of the iPad also aids in user friendliness.

More Game Details

Navtech Software appears to be quite a legitimate company with many other casino related games. Finding evidence of their credibility is easy; they have many positive testimonials on their website. Navtech Software also links users to their software website which displays their other well crafted and sophisticated creations.

They include a link to a technical support platform. This must be vital for Roulette Rake HD, as any software error could end up costing the user a bet! They can be assured with a high level of certainty that Navtech Software is ready to help should any technical issues arise. This is vitally important when the stakes are high.

Roulette Retro Slots ProRoulette Retro Slots Pro

Vegas is one of the most exciting places on earth. Every year, millions of people flock to the desert city in hopes that the might strike it rich. They are drawn in by the brilliant lights and the wonderful shows, but most of all they come for all of the exciting games that are found in the casino. One of the most popular games in casino world is the slot machine. The slots are filled with amazing different themes, and have beautiful flashing lights to keep you coming back for more. For years, the only place one could enjoy the excitement of the slot machine was to travel to Vegas, but with the dawn of the digital age, there have been many different apps that emulate the experience of being at a casino, playing the slots. One of the best apps available on the market today is Roulette Retro Slots Pro.

Game Description

Roulette Retro Slots Pro is an excellent slot game that was designed by Pedro Chacel. The game is completely free, and can be played on any device that is running iOS 7.0. The game is meant to be built around the theme of roulette. The biggest signal that the game is built around the game of Roulette is the background, which takes the form of a roulette wheel. The game is a three line five reel slot game. Overall Roulette Retro Slots Pro is an extremely enjoyable slot game.
Roulette Retro Slots Pro has several different features that make this game an extremely enjoyable option. The visuals on this game are extremely high quality and are sure to draw players into the game.

The audio on the game is also extremely high quality and will keep you engaged throughout the game. One other wonderful feature in this slot game is the fact that the game is completely free. Getting the opportunity to play slots for free is great for those that love the experience of playing slot machines, but cannot afford to do so every day. Finally, one of the greatest features of this slot game is the progressive jackpot system. This system increases the potential winnings that you can bring in, and thus allows you to enjoy the slot game considerably more.

If you are looking for an extremely enjoyable slot game, then you have to check out Roulette Retro Slots Pro for all of the exciting slot action you crave.

Roulette Deluxe Edition AppRoulette Deluxe Edition Pro

Lucky Dollar Apps has released a roulette application that is likely to be closer to Las Vegas style roulette action than most applications that are available. Available for both the iPad and the iPhone, Roulette Deluxe Edition Pro offers a plethora of features and gaming action for a very small price.

Game Description

Roulette was developed in France a few hundred years ago. It found its way to New France in Illinois and Louisiana. From there, it became a popular American gambler’s game during the Mark Twain era. It eventually found its way to Las Vegas. In its current form, the United States uses a ‘0’ and a ’00’ as the dealer areas.

Roulette Deluxe Edition Pro follows this format completely. The game play is standard. A new player sets up their account and adds chips to it. The money in this game is not real, it is make-believe. Once the player has added chips, they are ready to start betting on the roulette wheel results. A Las Vegas roulette wheel has 36 numbers and a ‘0’ and a ’00’. A ball is spun around the wheel and as it slows down, it drops onto one of the numbers.

Roulette Deluxe Edition Pro allows players to bet twenty different ways, giving them a chance to flex the full range of betting options that they might encounter in a casino before they go to Las Vegas to test their new skills. They can bet on each number, or by color- black or red. They can also choose odd or even as a betting style. 1-18 and 19-36 bets are also available. In each case, spreading their bets across a larger number of numbers will give them better odds, but will lower the amount of a potential payoff.

Roulette Deluxe Edition Pro is not free, but is free of any type of pop-up once you purchase it.

Additional Features:

For those that are interested in tracking their historical performance, the game features a leaderboard that holds the top scores of all-time. The developers have also sampled real casino sounds to augment play.

Roulette Deluxe Edition Pro is available in English. Because it is a gambling type of game, it is rated as being designed for players that are 12 years old or older.

Roulette Deluxe Free AppRoulette Deluxe Free

The casino is filled with lights and sounds. People travel from all over the world to check out some of the world’s most famous casinos. From Monte Carlo to Las Vegas, players are sure to enjoy trying their luck at the casino. One of the most exciting games in Las Vegas is Roulette. Roulette offers players the chance to be captivated by the spinner and the action of the bets on the table, while also giving players a chance to win big.

Game Description

Roulette requires many different pieces, so for years the game was reserved as a game that was only found at the casino. While players used to have to travel to a popular gambling destination to enjoy the excitement of the roulette table, today many people are able to enjoy the excitement of roulette from their privacy of their on homes, or even on the go. One of the most exciting apps for those that are seeking the enjoyment of roulette, is Roulette Deluxe Free.

Roulette Deluxe Free was designed by Kullapath Nillahuth. The app is completely free, and it can be found in the iTunes App Store. The app runs on any Apple device that is running iOS 7.0 or higher. The app runs very similarly to any other roulette game. Players place their bets on the roulette board. Once all bets are place, the roulette wheel is spun, and depending on where the ball lands players either win or lose. The game runs extremely smoothly on Apple devices.

There are several features that make Roulette Deluxe Free an excellent option for those that want to enjoy the magic of Roulette on their phone.

One of the best features that Roulette Deluxe Free has to offer is the ease of use. Playing Roulette Deluxe Free is extremely enjoyable and extremely easy. The game also features extremely beautiful visuals that are sure to draw you into the game. When the Roulette Wheel is spun, you can actually watch the wheel as it is spinning. This part of the game is extremely exciting. Roulette Deluxe Free has many different features that are sure to be enjoyable for all players.

Roulette Deluxe Free is a wonderful game for those that are looking to enjoy the rush of playing Roulette. This game will be a wonderful asset to your app library, and you will find yourself playing Roulette throughout the day.

Roulette Royal CasinoRoulette Royal Casino

Roulette is one of the most exciting games in any casino. Every roulette table has many people surrounding the table, taking in all of the wonderful action that a roulette table has to offer. Every roll of the wheel could lead to the players taking in a great deal of money. The long odds, along with the exciting spins of the wheel have made this game an insanely popular one in most casinos. For years players had to travel all the way to Vegas in order to enjoy the excitement of a Roulette table, but as the number of mobile devices has risen, many app developers have become determined to offer the excitement of roulette on a mobile device. One of the most exciting new apps for those that love roulette is Roulette Royal Casino.

Game Description

Roulette Royal Casino was created by Kullapath Nillahuth. The game is completely free, and is sold in the iTunes App Store. The game works extremely well on any Apple device that runs iOS 7.0 or higher. This game is extremely easy to play. Each round of roulette starts with players placing their bets. Once players are done placing their bets, the roulette wheel is put in spin. Depending on how the ball lands, the player may or may not win.

At the end of the spin, players are given the opportunity to bet again. The game is extremely easy to win, but will take a long amount of time to master.
Roulette Royal Casino includes several important features that will keep players coming back for more. One important feature included in this game are beautiful 3D graphics. These graphics are meant to immerse players in the experience of playing roulette. Players are sure to enjoy watching the ball spinning around the Roulette wheel. The game also includes high quality audio that will help immerse you into the experience of playing roulette. The game also is extremely easy to learn how to play. Overall, you are sure to enjoy playing Roulette Royal Casino on your mobile device.

Roulette Royal Casino is a high quality roulette app that is sure to immerse players in the excitement of this exciting game. If you are looking for an extremely accurate and easy to play representation of roulette, then you absolutely have to check out this wonderful app. This app will take you to the excitement and wonder of Vegas from the privacy of your own home.

Roulette Free appRoulette Empire HD

Roulette is the most exciting game in the world. The game features a table that is often crowded with onlookers and players. Players are able to place a wide range of different bets before each round, including extreme long shot bets, as well as much more conservative bets. There is nothing more exciting, then watching the Roulette wheel spin, and knowing that your fortune may change based on how the wheel lands. Unfortunately, Roulette is game that many have to travel to Vegas in order to enjoy. If you love Roulette, you used to not have many options as to how you were going to play Roulette, but with the emergence of the smart phone there are many options to enjoy Roulette on your phone. One of the most popular Roulette apps available today is Roulette Empire HD.

Game Description

Roulette Empire HD was designed by marius stefan. The game only costs 99 cents and can be bought in the iTunes App Store. The game runs on any Apple device that runs iOS 7.1. The game does include some in app purchases. These purchases allow players to have considerably more in app money to bet. Playing this game is extremely easy. Each round of roulette starts with a betting round. People place their bets on the table. You may choose an extremely conservative strategy, or you may choose to go long and possibly win extremely big. After the betting phase is over the roulette wheel is put in motion. This is an extremely exciting part of the game. Depending on where the ball lands, players may win a great deal of money.

Roulette Empire has several special features that are sure to keep players coming back for more. One of the best parts of this game is the fact that the game features an entirely accurate gameboard. Players can bet on a wide variety of different bets that you would definitely find in a normal casino. The game also features realistic odds in order to give players as realistic an experience as possible. If you are looking for a realistic version of Roulette, then you absolutely have to check out this app.

Roulette Empire is an excellent app for those that are looking for a high quality Roulette experience. This app features everything that you might look for in a game of Roulette, including high quality graphics and some of the most accurate odds available in any game.

Roulette ExtremeRoulette Extreme

A new roulette kid is on the block with this game. It offers state-of-the-art 3D graphics with colors that explode off the screen. Players can join in on several running tournaments at any time with the multiplayer feature. The app is based on the American Roulette version with the 00 clearly shown on each screen. The bold icons are for accessing the home page, changing the settings, or adding more chips. Get ready with the chips to compete against friends or gamblers from around the world. Hristo Zhelev is the genius behind this latest roulette game.

Game Description

The developer states the free price is subject to change as he encourages Apple device users to take advantage now. The device must have at a minimum 93.9 MB of downloadable space. Daily bonuses are listed once players login in that include free chips and other prizes. Players can use their account with Facebook to sign in or create a game account during the simple app download. There are in-app purchases as well as advertisements throughout the game. Chips can be purchased before the game starts or anytime during play by clicking the icon with a picture of chips. Their denominations are five hundred to five thousand with unusual color markings.

The settings button is similar to the ones used on mobile devices. The bet and amount of chips available are listed on large yellow buttons. There is an ‘undo’ or ‘clear’ icon for resetting any wagers. A built-in two times multiplier button is in a red circle that can be activated with each spin. The game lobby has icons for support and help to assist players. There is also a like button that registers automatically on the developers Facebook page. In addition to being able to login in the lobby areas, there is a red button to sign-up for tournament action.

More Game Detail

The app was released on May 29, 2015, with version 1.0. However, on July 10, 2015, version 1.1.1 was launched with upgrades to optimize play for several Apple devices including the 5 and 6 series iPhones. Additionally, iOS 8.4 will also enjoy the features associated with optimized action. Regular gaming is available starting with the iOS 6.1 version. No information is listed for future upgrades. No real money is awarded with winnings. Players can enjoy the game in English.

Roulette FortunesRoulette Fortunes

Playing Roulette is an extremely rewarding experience. This high paced, high stakes game can suck you in and lead to some of the most exciting moments of your life. For years, players have flocked to Las Vegas, in order to experience some extremely fun Roulette action. Players have longed for a way to enjoy Roulette from the comfort of their own home, and now they have it. The smart phone has allowed several wonderful Roulette apps to hit the market, one of these Roulette apps is Roulette Fortunes.

Game Description

Roulette Fortunes was created by Fun Cool Free, and developed by Game Center. Both companies have built a reputation for creating high quality games for Apple devices. The game is available for free from the iTunes App Store. The app works on all iOS devices that are running iOS 4.3 or higher, but the game is optimized for the iPhone. Roulette Fortunes does feature some in app purchases, but all of these purchases are optional. The game seeks to accurately emulate the Roulette experience. The game begins with a betting round, in which players can place a bet on a wide variety of different bets. These bets are designed for a wide range of gamblers, so whether you like to play things safe, or you like the long shot, you are sure to find a bet that favors you.

After the betting round, the Roulette wheel is put in spin, and depending on how the ball lands, players either win or lose. Players are then able to proceed to another betting phase if they want to. The game accurately portrays the experience of playing Roulette.

There are several features that make Roulette Fortunes a valuable app for those that love to play Roulette. One of the best features of this app is the fact that the game accurately portrays the game, including having the actual Vegas odds. This will allow players to get used to the Vegas play style for Roulette. The game also features extremely realistic graphics that will draw you into the game. Finally, the best feature in Roulette Fortunes is the fact that the app is completely free.

Overall, Roulette Fortunes is a high quality app for Apple devices. This wonderful app will allow players to enjoy the excitement of Roulette no matter where they are. Anyone who loves Roulette should check the app out today, and get to playing.

Roulette 2015 VIPRoulette 2015 VIP

The development house, Silicon Sapphire has put out one of the most sophisticated versions of online roulette available on the iTunes store. Known as Roulette 2015 VIP, it not only contains several iterations of roulette for users to enjoy, it also contains slot machine games and another game of chance that involves a wheel.

Game Description

Many of the online roulette games offer a set amount of coins for users before they must either achieve a certain level or pay to replenish the coins. Roulette 2015 VIP is different in that an ATM that has 1 million coins is part of the entire gaming experience, making it easy to replenish coins at a fast rate of speed.

It also offers the user a number of games to choose from. The main roulette implementation is a French version with the ‘0’ showing along with 36 numbers to bet on. Users can bet on one or more numbers at the same time. They can also choose to bet even or odd, red or black, or choose a consecutive number series to predict where the ball will land. Once the player has placed their bet, they can spin the ball around the wheel and wait for it to drop on one of the numbers in life-like casino action.

If the ball drops on a number that is bet on, it will be a higher payout than if the player wins by betting using a combination of numbers that are not selected individually.

The slots games that are included are also integrated into the overall gaming environment, offering multiple lines and multiple ways to win. Multiple lines is a feature that allows the slot machine player to line up consecutive symbols on more than one line. Roulette 2015 VIP features up to 25 lines in play at one time, giving players a very good chance of winning when they pull the lever virtually.

Roulette 2015 VIP is not a free download. It is available for a low price on iTunes.

Additional Features:

Roulette 2015 is available in several different languages, making it a solid choice for users that prefer to use applications that are created in their native language.

The game is rated for players that are 12 years old and older.

As a bonus, the developers have included a ‘Wheel of Fortune’ variation known as ‘Touch of Luck’ which can be accessed from the main game menu.

Roulette Spin GameRoulette Spin Game

The Roulette Spin Game is an application that is downloadable for free from the iTunes. It was developed by the Apple Inc. This mobile phone game can only be played on iPhones, iPads and iPod touch. The devices must comply with the iOS 5.0 or newer versions. Players can also access this spinning game online. One plays by spinning the ball and predicting the slot where it will ultimately land. If a player makes the right prediction, he or she earns a playoff.

Game Description

The game comes in French, European and American styles. The application resembles a real Roulette casino game since it comes in real 3D format. Its animations look real and this lures the player to keep betting. This application has a casino dealer who guides a player on how to play and announces the winning numbers. It has 26 levels for challenging players. The challenge increases with levels. Players can rate themselves with other international colleagues who have played the game before. The players look for their ratings on the application’s Worldwide Leader’s Board. This spin game has an interactive tutorial that helps new player in learning how to play it. It also has a practice mode where a player can first practice on how to ply it.

It has a very simple interface that allows players to drag and drop chips while making their bets. Players are also able to choose how they view the table. They have the liberty to choose the colors and limits of the tables. One can also use the “birds view” to view the table while playing. The game speeds are Regular, Fast and Very Fast. This enables players to spin using their preferable pace. Among the popular bets available are inside, Outside, Sixlines, Straights, Corners, Streets, Splits & Topline. There is also a feature for re-bet that allows you to bet and win faster.

There are later versions of this game that have been launched. One of the latest versions of this game is the Roulette Multiplayer. On top of being a 3D application that mimics real casino roulette, the Roulette Multiplayer accommodates several players. Players are able to compete with their friends or other global players for the various titles and achievements available. This newer version has 20 different types of bets and 5 different kinds of tables. One can also opt to play alone. More improved versions of this game are expected to be launched in the near future.

Roulette Free GameRoulette Free Game

Throughout the years, Roulette has been seen as one of the most basic casino games. The game works by having one ball dropped into a spinning wheel. Each player must predict what slot the ball will land in. This game is all about luck. It can be impossible at times to win. However, this game is definitely easy to master. There will be a huge payoff for the player that predicts the right slot.

Game Description

Kullapath Nillahuth recently turned this game into an app. The app is completely free. The game uses visual effects to make the players feel like they are actually at a casino. To start playing, individuals must drag a bet chip from the bottom of the screen. The chip must be dragged to the chosen betting field. From there, the players must spin the wheel. If the players are lucky, they will win. This app lets individuals play a casino game at home.

Unlike a lot of other apps, this one doesn’t experience errors often. It was designed in a way that makes playing this game very easy for individuals. The game was created in English. It was also created less than a year ago. This means the app currently features the latest regulations and rules. The game is also known to feature intense stimulated gambling. This means the app is not suited for individuals who are currently dealing with a gambling addiction. It will only cause more problems.

The app is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. However, it is optimized for the iPhone 5. This game is ideal for those individuals who love to play games. It is a very easy game to grasp. This developer offers plenty of customer support. Opposed to other app developers, this one will accept feedback. Individuals can finally feel like their voice is being accounted for. These people can send in suggestions for future improvements. The app also features a chat function. Now, individuals can chat with one another. Roulette can be purchased on iTunes.

It is clear that Routlette is one of the most successful apps being sold today. This game is easy to load. It also looks great on all kinds of mobile devices. Today, there are too many apps that are not easy to navigate through. This is definitely not the case with Roulette. There is no paid advertising here. Roulette is the perfect game.

Roulette Helper ProRoulette Helper Pro

Online gambling is one of the fastest growing forms of entertainment for millions of people every year. Not only do people love to gamble, but they are increasingly wanting to have more convenient ways of doing so. There are a variety of apps that are available to those that want to gamble. Roulette Helper Pro is one of the best apps available for those that are new to the online gambling world. There are many different aspects of online gambling that beginners need to understand before they start to gamble excessively. In this way, Roulette Helper Pro is one of the best ways for people to get acclimated to this area of the internet. There are many different ways in which this has helped beginners turn in to more seasoned players.

Game Description

There are several features of Roulette Helper Pro that make it a great option for people to use in order to learn about online gambling. First of all, it has a tutorial from which people can learn to play the online games. Roulette Helper Pro will walk a player through each step of the process. At the end of the day, it is important to understand how to play the game. There are many people that rush in to bet large sums of money that end up losing much more than they put in. Roulette Helper Pro seeks to avoid this issue by offering different levels of advice for players of the online games. Roulette Helper Pro lets a person try out different games in order to get a good feel for them and know what they need to work on in order to improve.

More Game Detail

As with any app on the market, there are several ways in which Roulette Helper Pro has developed in to a more usable game for players. First of all, the game managers have made several adjustments based off of the feedback that was received from the players. This is a great feature for any game to have, as players will know that the game will continue to be improved upon time and time again. The makers of Roulette Helper Pro know that in order to continue to garner ratings, they will have to keep developing the game. Not only is the game play much faster than it used to be, but the graphics are in better shape as well.

Roulette Las Vegas ProRoulette Las Vegas Pro

Roulette Las Vegas Pro Is a casino game for Iphone and Ipad devices. It simulates roulette, an old casino favorite, with none of the worry that comes with real gambling. If you want a simple yet accurate roulette game, this game delivers. It provides a realistic and entertaining gambling experience, without the need to go out and spend real money.

Game Description

The game revolves around simulated gambling at a roulette table in Las Vegas, including accurate sounds, visuals, and odds. It gives the thrill of winning and pain of losing at a table in Vegas at home. The developer, Chee Wan Yee, creates a diverse spectrum of apps, ranging from utilities to games. They are a trusted and valued creator, making numerous popular apps.

The app features an extremely accurate simulation of a game of roulette, utilizing beautiful and immersive HD graphics. It provides all the excitement and exhilaration of gambling, with none of the real financial risk. Roulette Las Vegas Pro includes realistic sounds to further immerse you in the casino experience, all on the convenient screen of your Iphone or Ipad. The user interface is clear and crisp, and it’s obvious how it works and what does what.

The game play is a reproduction of a standard roulette game. The player decided how much they want to bet and on what using casino chips, then have the roulette wheel spin. When the ball and table stop, depending on what number the ball lands on, the player either win an amount based on their bet, or lose what was wagered. The app is free, with no in app purchases, however in game ads are utilized. The ads do not distract greatly from the main draw of the game, the thrill of gambling.

The simulation is accurate to the Las Vegas experience, and provides an enjoyable distraction for those who enjoy playing the stakes. It’s an extremely satisfying feeling to see the wheel spin and come up with your number, and while losing hurts, you can take comfort in knowing that it’s not real money.

The developer is always working on improving the accuracy of the simulation and increasing the enjoyment of the player.

Roulette Vegas CasinoRoulette Vegas Casino

Over time, online gaming has become very popular. It gives individuals the chance to play fun games at home. Roulette Vegas Casino is one game in particular that people love. That’s because it is fun. The game is also easy to navigate through.

Game Description

As many individuals know, Roulette is a staple at casinos. That’s because it is easy to understand. Players can place bets on a single number or a variety of numbers. These individuals can also choose between the colors red and black. After their bets are placed, a croupier will spin a wheel in one direction. Then, the croupier will drop a ball in the wheel. Eventually, the ball will lose momentum. When that happens, it will land in one of the 37 colored and numbered pockets on the wheel. It is that simple.

Kullapath Nillahuth is a developer who turned Roulette into an online app. Now, individuals can play Roulette wherever they want. This app is completely free. It came out in 2014. That means the app follows all of the current rules and regulations. The app is visually appealing. Players will feel like they have been transported to a real casino. There is no paid advertising involved here. That means players can focus directly on the game at hand.

It is important that this game features intense stimulated gambling. Individuals must have i0S 7.0 or later installed onto their phones. This app is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. However, the app is optimized for iPhone 5. The developer loves feedback. Comments and suggestions are always welcomed.

Unlike a lot of other online games, this one appears perfectly on mobile devices. Individuals will have no problem looking at their screens. This is a much needed breathe of fresh air from other apps. This app also features a chat option. The chat option lets players talk with each other. This way friends can connect on the game and press their luck against one another.

The way people gamble is constantly changing. While most individuals had to go to a casino to gamble years ago, that is not the case anymore. Now, people can gamble on their phones. This app can be found at iTunes. Individuals will not be sorry when they purchase this app. It will bring hours of entertainment. Kullapath Nillahuth is an expert developer. Individuals know they won’t experience problems when they play this game.

Roulette Live Casino by Abzorba GamesRoulette Live Casino by Abzorba Games

The contemporary and digital structure of the society makes virtually everything accessible with just the help of a few clicks. This also includes gambling consoles, whereby tons of online casino games are being developed with each passing day. One particular game that stands from the crowd is the Roulette Live Casino. The game provides one with a chance to play roulette, with an authentic Vegas feel. Roulette Live was developed by Abzorba Games BetriebsgmbH, a top-rated gaming company famed for inventing other renowned games like Blackjack21 and Live Poker. The app uses English as the default language and is compatible with several devices including iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Game Description

Basically, roulette is a game of chance, in which a tiny ball is made to rotate rapidly on a circle that is divided off into several numbered red and black spaces. The space on which the ball stops indicates the result of a range of wagers permitted by the game. The key highlight of this app is the fact that it allows a player to set up his avatar that sits on the table in his stead. The avatar is a crucial feature as it lets one have a view of all the other players that are sitting at the same roulette table as that of the player.

Another feature that makes Roulette Live Casino even more admirable is the Cocktail Bar. Interacting with this part of the app allows one to buy a cocktail for the player sitting beside him, add some casino bling to his avatar or just sit around watching games being played. Additional elements include “Strategy” which helps one play better and the “Win Chance” meter that indicates your chances of either winning or losing a round. One can also send gifts to the friends he meets and join live chat forums for discussions.

Unfortunately, all of this bountiful customization does come at a cost of price as it occupies at least 82.3 MB. It also has in-app purchases, where players can buy extra content such as bonus game levels.

The most recent feature added to Roulette Live Casino is a new Leaderboard that comes with vast prizes for the top players every week. Everyone has a chance of appearing on the leader board, which is based on a point-system mechanism. The more one plays, the more points one wins. At the start of each week, the leaderboard is reset; hence other players have chances of winning.

Roulette World CasinoRoulette World Casino

Roulette World Casino is a game that captures the essence of big-stakes gambling in the comfort of your own home. This game requires the Apple iOS 7.0 (or greater) operating system in order to fully experience everything the game has to offer. Roulette Casino World is compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch, and other systems that Apple has to offer.

Game Description

One of the first things a user will experience when they download and install this app is how easy it is to play. The main objective of the player is to guess where the white ball will land and thus result in a win. If the player guesses the placement of the ball correctly, they will earn a handsome payout from the house.

In order to place your bet, drag a chip from the bottom of the screen onto the betting field located on the table. The fields located at the top of the screen show the player their current balance, winning amount potential, and the total amount that the player is betting. With menus like this, it’s easy to keep track of the bets a player has made and calculate a betting strategy moving forward!

Located on the bottom of the screen are options that fully integrate user functionality into the design. The first option allows the player to revert back to the home screen of Roulette Casino World. The second option is targeted to help players purchase more chips in which to use on the roulette table to win more spins! Finally, the spin option puts the player’s money where there mouth is and finalizes the bet by spinning the wheel. Hopefully, with a little bit of a luck and strategy, the spin will rake in some big earnings for the player to enjoy.

In summary, Roulette World Casino elegantly captures the big-game feel that many of the larger casinos provide their players. Kullapath Nillahuth, the creator of Roulette World Casino, is a software developer that goes above and beyond in their game creation. Player immersion and ease-of-use are the main ingredients that all of their games incorporate for their players.

Roulette Analyser AppRoulette Analyser

Roulette Analyser is an app that players will use guide them during online Roulette bets. The software of is enabled by iExpanse. When a player taps the numbers that are already spun, Roulette Analyser will show probability of the next winning numbers. The analyzer opens in a new window guiding a player step by step the best possible bet. Players can purchase the app and download it and use it during their betting.

Game Description

Roulette Analyser uses spreadsheet and a player can to enter the most recent number to appear on roulette wheel and the analyser will keep track and guide him to make when placing his bets. It will track the money bets, column, dozens and if they recur or alternate. Roulette Analyser will simulate very many spins and show statistics on the longest arrangement on a Red or Black, longest time for Dozen or Column bets. Also, this app will show how many times zig-zag has occurred and how long they have lasted.

Using Excel, a player will be able to generate random number. He can use the last line and repeat it severally to see the trends that are revealed. After replicating for more than 1000 times, a player will find how long it can take to wake up any sleeping number. Also, it will reveal whether a sleeping dozen can be revealed. This app can be used to predict the next best bet, after a person has entered the number that appeared recently under column bet. That is the only number required, the others will be computed automatically.

This app is used by many players and they are able to analyze the trends and pattern in Roulette. The app will guide players to develop their own systems. When a player is able to analyze perfectly, he will be assured of hitting the lucky number and win prizes. When playing Roulette, players are supposed to enter numbers that are already drawn into the Roulette Analyser and it will evaluate the most possible outcome.

It is a great way to use this software and learn more techniques of winning the game. Roulette Analyser ensures players have increased their chances of winning by applying the right strategy. It is simple and easy to use this app and is normally purchased. A person should spin the wheel and let Roulette Analyser guide him when betting.

Roulette Jackpot Pro AppRoulette Jackpot Pro

Roulette Jackpot Pro is one the most amazing casino games. The software of the game is enabled by Fun Cool Free, LLC and it’s a retro roulette themed slots. A player should take a seat at the table, place the bet, and then spin wheel and wait for a chance to win. It’s an amazing experience where players can spend some time as they wait for their lucky chance and get the payoffs.

Game Description

A player will place his bet on roulette table, then spin the wheel and wait to see where the ball land. The game has outstanding and real casino sounds, great images and graphics and unlimited virtual money to play. A player will decide whether to place a bet on a single number or group of numbers. Also, he will choose red or black colors, or whether the number that appears is even or odd. The odds on roulette are based on probability.

A croupier will spin the ball in a certain direction, spin the ball on the other direction. After the ball loses momentum, it would fall on roulette wheel in one of 38 pockets that are colored and numbered. Neighbor bets will allow players to wager on numbers appearing close to a given number on the roulette wheel. For instance, a Neighbor bet on a number 12 would include 12, 28 and 35 neighbors on the right and left. A player can place up to four numbers that are on right and left to a number chosen.

This bet window will show five numbers that have won highest number of rounds-hot, and another five pockets that have won least number of rounds-cold. It is possible for a player to place single or multi bet on Hot or Cold. Each number on roulette wheel is placed by a level as either hotness or coldness.

More Game Detail

When a player clicks all hot or cold, five chips will appear on the table. The coldest numbers will appear after enough spins have occurred. Hot or cold numbers are considered per session only. The game has an auto play feature that would allow players to automatically play selected number of rounds that are successful before they place their bets. Payoff will be determined by the odds associated with a given number, color or whether number is odd or even.