Ohio is a little closer today to taking charge on unauthorized Internet cafes.  As reported by the Columbus Dispatch, House Bill 7 has been created to close Internet cafes throughout the state of Ohio by capping payouts from sweepstakes machines to $10.  There have been reports of over 600 storefronts that have been operating within the state and are processing illegal gambling operations.

Sen. Larry Obhof, R-Medina is reported to have said that to him, it’s a simple question.  Should they desire gambling statewide in Ohio and has it ever been authorized by the voters in the state?  He believes the answers to both of those questions is no.

There are already four existing casinos in Ohio.  The first one was established in Cleveland over a year ago and now there are casinos as well in Cincinnati, Columbus and Toledo.  There have been steps to expand into a second phase of the Cleveland casino already but there are no official statements made on when this construction will begin.  Gov. John Kasich has the bill that is reported to more than likely sign it.  Columbus Dispatch reports that operators of the cafes and software providers can attempt to put a stop to the governor’s signature of this bill by putting in a vote on the ballot in November 2014.

Plan for Slot Machines for Long Island in the Gambling Business

It’s possible that the state of New York could become the home to additional casinos.  Among items that are being taken into consideration as a possibility for Long Island is a slot machine parlor as reported by CBS.  Dean Skelos, the Senator of New York is reported to have given approval of a proposal on Tuesday that could possibly allow slot machines to come to Long Island under the plan of Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

The governor would like to have three casinos of the Las Vegas variety while others would like the gambling locations to be closer to Manhattan.  That would be a very lucrative market.  Casino giants such as MGM Resorts International would like to see a casino in New York City.  That would appear to be not possible under the current negotiations though.

Cuomo is trying to find a way to bring more funds into the state and create jobs for residents.  Also, there are considerations for a brick-and-mortar casino that is desired by the New York Mets.  If this becomes part of the expanded gambling plan, there could be more than 2,000 new slots brought into Long Island.  There are also negotiations of legalizing Internet gambling in the state along with brick-and-mortar gambling but that will probably be tabled until the future.

Launching of New Online Punto Banco Game

After the release of a secret agent themed game there was a launch of a new Punto Banco game online by the online gambling software developer Bet On Soft.  The theming of this game takes players to a fancy and stylish world of a debonair secret agent with the codename Beech.  He plays the popular card game Punto Banco.

With a broad range of glamorous characters including the delectable Lucky Fairweather and Madam Rosa who steal the limelight, players can get a virtual dry martini and relax as the action takes place in front of them among an atmosphere evocative of Monte Carlo’s greatest casinos.  Classic Punto Banco rules have a 6 deck set up and this game comes along with character voices reacting to losses and wins.  The audio is coupled along with vivid HD graphics to make sure that Punto Banco is able to deliver on all levels.

BetOnSoft also includes Punto Banco in its PayBack product that makes players able to go over the total history and details of games they have played.  It is reported to have been said by Marc Webster the creative lead at the BetOnSoft studio that Punto Banco the software developers are very proud of.  From the design of the team paying the most attention to theming to an audio that creates an immersive experience that takes players into a filmic Montenegro casino where they will be joined by an interesting cast of characters.