Privacy Policy is responsible for safeguarding the data and the content that you upload to provide to the website through various means. BESTCASINOAPPS.COM uses state of the art protection systems to guarantee that. On the other hand, BESTCASINOAPPS.COM cannot ensure the privacy of the personal data or the content that you provide to 3rd party websites that BESTCASINOAPPS.COM links or suggestions. So before entering any external website, users are advised to read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy of these websites as they are entering them at their own discretion and BESTCASINOAPPS.COM will not be held accountable for their privacy during their stay at these websites.

BESTCASINOAPPS.COM will request from users certain personal information and data. BESTCASINOAPPS.COM’s only reason behind such request is to guarantee the delivery of products and services that those users purchased through the website. This data will also be used in order to verify each individual user and to provide him with technical and customer support.

There are various means that BESTCASINOAPPS.COM will use to gather data but all of them require the approval of the users as BESTCASINOAPPS.COM will never gather data without the knowledge of the users.  The users will also be able to delete or change any of the personal data that they have provided easily. All what they have to do is get in touch with BESTCASINOAPPS.COM’s contact support team to update or delete the data.

Although BESTCASINOAPPS.COM will not sell or even share the data with any other parties, if a legal authority asks the website for the personal data of one of the users, the BESTCASINOAPPS.COM will be obligated by law to provide them with the personal data. This is the only situation where BESTCASINOAPPS.COM will share the personal information of the users with any other party.