Top Casino Apps in the UK 2022

With the number of gaming apps out there, it is a lengthy and often tedious process of finding the best one for you. New apps are being launched constantly, and with casino apps, these apps are named similarly. Various game developers exist, and even the consistency between games of the same developer is not to be trusted sometimes. Randomly downloading the top 10 charts of apps will take up space on your phone and consume large amounts of time. After trying out a couple of apps, you might get frustrated and potentially risk the security of your phone. Some apps may even ask for personal or financial information that could compromise your data.

Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place to determine the best app. Through research and our own experience, we have looked at the top UK casino apps and have written reviews of each app. Our recommendations come from a thorough investigation and testing of the app.

Casino apps let you play on your smartphone anywhere you go. It could be the perfect, fun thing to do when you’re commuting or have some time to kill. We have done the hard part in making sure that the apps we have on our lists have all met our high standards. Read More


This app ranks as the top-grossing app for both iOS and Android. The app offers big progressive jackpots that get richer the longer you play. With great graphics and exciting themes, the over 70 slot games that Slotomania has in its repertoire means you’re bound to find a game that hooks you. The app has been downloaded and played by millions of people.

Zynga Poker

If you’re looking for a real poker experience, Zynga Poker will give you that. Whether you’re interested in playing at 9-player poker tables of the newer 5-player poker tables, Zynga offers them both. Tournaments are held for players to be a part of. If you’re not interested in competing, then there are still other rewards as you reach higher tiers. There are 60,000 free in-game chips to redeem as a first-time player. This is available for both Android and iPhone users.

Huuuge Casino Slots

Huuuge Casino Slots is truly a huge app. They offer over 100 different free slot games as well as the standard casino games including poker, roulette, and baccarat. There are tournaments that players can enter to win big jackpots. If you want to be part of a team, Huuuge Casino Slots offers a “Billionaire League” that lets you compete with a club of friends. Play it with friends on your Android phone.

Cash Frenzy

Whether you’re interested in classic 777 slots or the newer flashy slot machines, Cash Frenzy has it all. As a new player, you will be given 1 million free coins to play their free slot machines. If you play for longer than 15 minutes, you’ll soon notice the instant rewards they offer every so often. Play for longer than 3 hours, and you’ll get a Turbo Reward. If you’re extremely dedicated and play seven days in a row, your 7th-day daily bonus will be an increase. You can download this on the Google Play Store

Billionaire Casino

Billionaire Casino is all about becoming an in-game billionaire. Luckily for players, you start out with a generous welcome bonus of 10 million in chips to play for free. Sign up on your iPhone or Android and play the mini tutorial. As soon as you’re done, you’ll see the 10 million in free chips. As you level up, you’ll get treasure chests that add to your account, and soon you’ll become a billionaire and having billions of fun.

Lotsa Slots

Lotsa Slots is an app by Jackpot Casino. They offer it on the Google Play Store and the iTunes App Store. New players can claim 2 million free coins to play the slot game of their choosing in Lotsa Slots. New and experienced players can join tournaments with their friends and compete for big rewards. Some levels unlock as you climb levels in the app, and they will give you free bonus rounds.

Scatter Slots

Scatter Slots is a casino app game that has been downloaded and played by almost 5 million people. The app offers more than 90 games to choose from. New players can claim a reward of 12 million free coins to play in the app. With beautiful themes and excellent quality, these games are unique and fun. You can play online or offline but need not have any worries as your progress can be synced across devices. This game can be played on Androids or iPhones.

Bingo Pop

Bingo Pop is an app that lets you play bingo as a multiplayer game and offers giant jackpots. Choose from fast-paced bingo games, power-up games that let you go for huge jackpots or any of the other choices the app gives you. There are collection events that make it possible to win even larger jackpots. If you play the Speed Bingo mode, you increase your chances of winning if you daub 12 bingo cards at a time. This game is available on iPhone and Android. Play it offline by yourself to brush up your skills, and then enter back into multiplayer to crush the competition!

Big Fish Casino

Big Fish Casino is an iOS app that offers big prizes. You can team up with friends and play your favorite slot games. There are also existing clubs that you can join. Daily events and leaderboards make the game competitive and fun. Many of their slot machines have free spins and some bonus games that are exclusive. Every half an hour, you can redeem free chips, or you can simply play daily to receive rewards.

WSOP Texas Holdem

Ever wanted to show off your poker skills? This is the perfect app choice for that. Whether you want to hone your skills or test power out risk-free, WSOP is a good app. This app lets you bet money and test out your ability at Texas Holdem competitions with other players. No need to worry about perfecting your poker face as you focus on your cards. The app will tell you what kind of a hand you have so you can learn your way around poker. Download the game for iOS and Android systems.

Bingo Blitz

Why leave your house and trek to a Bingo parlor when you could play anywhere by just opening your phone? Bingo Blitz gives flashy and fun, exciting Bingo games. The app has daily bonuses, and you can spin bonus wheels to claim special prizes. With seasonal and featured games, you can pick the aesthetic of your choice. If you connect your Facebook account, the app will give you bonus rewards as well. It is available for both Android and iPhone.

Bingo Bash

Bingo Bash is an app that offers fun bingo games. This game is available on the iTunes App Store. The game has a power play, lots of different rooms to explore, and golden balls. Anyone interested in traditional Bingo will be happy with the way this app is set up. The graphics are smooth, and the game is of high quality. This app was made by Bit Rhymes, and they did a great job with the gameplay. For those interested in a mobile bingo gaming app, this is a good choice.