There are a few industries that started several years ago and began to boom from the late 90s. Think about how far the internet has come since it first started. The same goes for mobile phones – how they developed from big to small devices, and these days it’s almost as if we’re going back to the start; the bigger the better. Another industry that started back in 1994 and is booming today, especially in Australia, is the online casino industry. These days you can play on your PC, laptop or mobile device, making “the bigger the better” statement quite valid for a better playing experience.

Sometimes there are also certain crazes that start in a specific decade and have a reawakening a few years later. Take a look at the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for example: these creatures were very popular in the early 90s and they even featured in 3 movies, released in 1990, 1991 and 1993. Then they disappeared and, flash forward to 2014 and 2016, they are bigger than ever before, with a new generation of fans. One of these crazes that started in the 90s and is making a huge comeback is Pokémon, but this time the creators have outdone themselves by creating Pokémon Go, a game that you can play via your phone. If you’re not sure what Pokémon Go is all about: where have you been? But in case you really just missed the latest craze that is taking the world by storm, here’s a quick summary:

Pokémon Go is basically an app that you download to your phone and once you’ve signed up, you will be able to create an avatar and get your starter kit. Then you need to find and catch different creatures. You can also join teams, battle at Gyms and hatch eggs: all of this via a digital map on your phone showing you where to go next. The positive side of Pokémon Go is that people are actually getting out and walking around – the negative: people are on their phones the whole time, even while driving, which results in more road accidents.

In a nutshell, Pokémon Go is a fun game to play and that’s about it. There are other ways to have fun on your phone plus you could win real money. An example of this is, and here we go back to the 90s, the online casino industry. As with Pokémon Go, you can now play online casino games on your mobile device as well, wherever you are. Plus, with casinos like Lucky Nugget, you can get an app called Casino Lounge, which connects you to the latest news, games and everything you need to know – on your phone. While the target market for Pokémon Go is generally for people from all ages, casinos like Lucky Nugget will only accept players from 18+ (in some cases 21+), but if you think that you can win jackpot amounts of more than a Million, the casino seems to be the route to go.

Pokémon Go seems quite simple to install and play – how does that compare to an online casino like Lucky Nugget? No difference: in fact, you can either download the software of the casino (which is free, by the way) or play via the flash version directly in your browser. A casino like Lucky Nugget offers not just one game via an app, but more than 500 different casino games to enjoy. So whether you want to play card games like blackjack or video poker, or spin to win with fun video slots and 3-reel classic slots, you can do so at any time. Not only can you win real money at Lucky Nugget, but you can also get started with cash already in your account. With Pokémon Go you’ll get a backpack and a Pokédex (which is an index of Pokémon, with information on all the species), but at Lucky Nugget you’ll be welcomed with a bonus of a 150% match up to AU$200. There are loads of other entertaining promotions that you can enter and you don’t even have to leave home – you can play directly on your PC. If you however do find yourself at the bus stop or somewhere, you can of course also play directly on your mobile. And playing at Lucky Nugget Casino is much safer than playing Pokémon Go: you don’t need to be too attentive when playing. Most games have an AutoPlay function available, so the reels can spin automatically. This way you can play your favourite slot game without even looking or touching your phone, and it will automatically stop when you have a big win, so that you can see what you’ve won the next time your eyes move towards the screen.

Are there other differences or similarities? You bet: Pokémon Go offers the chance to hatch eggs, battle at Gyms, etc. while some of the games at Lucky Nugget are quite similar. Video slots offer various themes with bonus games hidden among the reels. If you strike it lucky, you’ll also be able to do battle, or choose different items, to score even bigger. PokéCoins can be earned after every 20 hours – you can visit the Shop and redeem your coins; this is all based on how many Gyms you occupy at that time. At Lucky Nugget, you’ll receive Loyalty Points, not every 20 hours, but every single time that you place a cash bet at the casino – these points can be exchanged for casino credits, giving you more free money to play with.

So while Pokémon Go is a lot of fun, playing at Lucky Nugget Casino seems to be as much fun, with less data usage and a lot more options. Plus, you can even play in online slot tournaments where you can complete with players from around the world. But whether you’re playing Pokémon Go or playing to win at Lucky Nugget Casino, there’s no reason why you can’t have both apps on your phone and enjoy them anytime, anywhere.