iPhone 5 Overview:

On the 17th of September, Apple finally revealed its newest product to hit the stands, the long awaited iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 like any other product has its pros and cons. Starting with the pros, the iPhone 5 included all the features that the users liked in the iPhone 4S. This includes the 4G LTE, the larger screen, the fast A6 processor and the turn by turn navigation. It also came out with a new and a smarter design, it is slimmer, lighter and sharper. On the other hand, the Apple Maps made it clear that they were not finished with perfection because the maps contained a lot of bugs, the Verizon and Sprint models can’t use data and voice at the same time, which is very inconvenient. Lastly, the screen size is very small when compared to other advanced android devices.


So, in a fewer words, the iPhone 5 basically rebuilt the model using a new design and added new features plus the ones users liked in the 4S. This allows the iPhone 5 to overcome its shortcomings that it suffered in the previous models. Despite its above mentioned cons, it is still the best iPhone and the most advanced and it will easily be on the top of the charts in the smart phone industry.

The Design:

The design is amazing; it is lovely to look at and very easy to hold. The designers at Apple did something that they haven’t done with the previous phones; they redesigned the whole phone from scratch. You will easily notice that every single thing and part is tweaked and redesigned from the 4S.

Although for people who are looking for a large screen and longer battery life, they are better off going with the Samsung Galaxy S II or the Droid Razr Maxx. On the other hand, users who are looking for an all around amazingly engineered phone that is easy to hold and use and contains all of the basic features and more, then they should go with the iPhone 5.

The Differences between 4S and 5:

The iPhone 5 has all the benefits of the iOS 5, Siri and an amazing camera and it also has the 4G LTE from the iPhone 4S. This may sound like your average iPhone 4 but the iPhone 5 comes with a new design and a larger screen.

The camera is not the same as the iPhone 4S as it was improved and updated, the noise cancellation and the overall speakerphone quality of the phone also got tweaked. The iOS 6 brings a whole set of improvements such as the baked in turn-by-turn navigation, a passbook, a digital wallet application that is aware of the location in order to store gift cards and other documents and of course, a much smarter Siri, the beloved voice assistant.

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