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Jackpot City Casino Mobile Casino App Launch

Jackpot City Casino has launched a new app that is dedicated to meet the needs of its Apple users. This app will allow players to enjoy a more integrated and a streamlined gaming experience that will complement their already existing online offerings. Players can expect to find some of the most popular games of the […]

Delaware Casinos Launch No-Money Casino Games at Facebook

The State of Delaware’s three casinos, namely Delaware Park, Dover Downs and Harrington Raceway are all set to promote their online gambling facilities by launching their free-for-play cashless casino games at Facebook. State-authorized slot machine vendor IGT Interactive has linked its DoubleDown Casino Slots & Poker gaming platform at Facebook, to the websites of the […]

Bill to Control Internet Cafes in Ohio Presented to Governor

Ohio is a little closer today to taking charge on unauthorized Internet cafes.  As reported by the Columbus Dispatch, House Bill 7 has been created to close Internet cafes throughout the state of Ohio by capping payouts from sweepstakes machines to $10.  There have been reports of over 600 storefronts that have been operating within […]

Break Away Microgaming Game

As we have announced before, Microgaming has released three new games in November. In this article, we are going to discuss one of these games in details. This game is dedicated to the ice hockey fans. This game is “Break Away”. Break Away is a slot machine that takes players through the excitement and the […]

Playtech 3rd Quarter Financials

Playtech has released its financial results for the third quarter of this year. As usual, the entire financial report witnessed a noticeable increase in the company’s revenues. As for the joint online venture between William Hill and Playtech, it has also witnessed a great increase in the revenue. The overall revenue of Playtech witnessed an […]

Playtech News On H5G

Playtech has announced that it has entered a game distribution agreement with H5G (High 5 Games). This game will witness the providing of new and fresh gaming content from H5G to the internet casinos that are powered by Playtech, hence, increasing the internet presence of High 5 Games. The collection of games offered by H5G […]

Samsung Galaxy Casino Apps

Great news for the gambling fans who own a Samsung Galaxy smartphone as they are able to enjoy a wide selection of amazing casino gambling games on the go through their smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy is looked upon as the equivalent of the iPhone from Korea. It has a set of amazing features and enhancements […]

iPhone Casino Games

iPhone 5 Overview: On the 17th of September, Apple finally revealed its newest product to hit the stands, the long awaited iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 like any other product has its pros and cons. Starting with the pros, the iPhone 5 included all the features that the users liked in the iPhone 4S. This includes […]